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swollen face

Back in July 08, I was diagnosed as having Bells Palsy.  On and off since then I have repeat swelling, numbness in my face.  The original happened on the right side of my face and you could see the droopy face. Since then, I have had it to go the left side of the face and there have been times more it shows up on the lower part of my face on both side.
Currently, I just got done with Medrol dose pack this past Tuesday, the 13th.  Yesterday, Wednesday afternoon I experience the numbing sensation on the left side of my. Late afternoon, I had a pounding headache and my face ached.
Today, I could still feel the numbness in my face and it was that way all day.  Tonight, when I looked in the mirror, the top half of my neck was swollen.  It look like half my face had drooped into the top half of my neck.  I was uncomfortable and because I need to document what it was, I went to the emergency room.  My blood pressure was elevated to 160/81  with the 160 high.  I asked the nurse if the inflamation would cause that and she said yes.  The ER Doctor's solution tonight was to give me 40mg of Predisone.  That was a 1 1/2 ago and I feel light headed and my face feels numb and achy.
Is this a allergic reaction or is it something else involving the facial nerves?
I am so frustrated and haven't found a MD who wants to really figure it out.  They only want to treat the symptoms.
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