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titanium/vanadium/aluminum dental implant

Eleven months ago I had a titanium alloy dental implant along with a sinus lift and bovine bone graft.  The surgery was successful and the implant has since integrated with the bone.  One to two months after the surgery I started having cramps in the lower extremities that progressed to constant aching in the feet and knees.  Five months after the implant I elected to have the swine flu vaccination which resulted in a numb feeling and tingling in the extremities along with diarrhea and dizziness that subsided after a few days.  Since then the tingling has combined with the aching in the lower extremities and progressed upward to include the thighs.  Exercise makes all of the symptoms worse, as I experience severe aching and muscle twitching after any kind of physical activity.  A MRI of the brain and neck revealed increased areas of signal in the brain not consistent with ms.  Blood tests suggest autoimmune disfunction (positive ana, antithyroid antibodies, high IgG for parvovirus and EBV and CMV without being conclusive of connective tissue or thyroid disease.  A cone beam ct scan revealed an inflammatory process in the sinus above the implant and apical periodontal inflammation on the tooth behind the implant which was also giving me night fevers.  I have since had the root canal retreated on the tooth that was being blamed for my mouth discomfort.  This has resulted in a 100% improvement in the pain and feverish feeling emanating from THAT tooth, but I still have an strange irritating sensation emanating from the implant that extends to the cheek, nostril, and eye above the implant.  I have a feeling the implant is the cause of the mouth trouble and wondering if it is the cause of my neurological symptoms as well.  My physical activity has been reduced to a minimum compared to the level of physical activity previous to the surgery.  I wonder if the implant does not show the typical symptoms of rejection because of nightly bronchial and nasal steroid inhalations.  The implant looks good on scans and xrays.  I am not so good.  I am living a life of an inactive person because I have no tolerance for exercise.  I love to exercise and my dogs need a walk!!!  Today I went for a lower back MRI and had a hard time holding still because of feeling crampy and cold.

All of the docs say it is a coincidence that any of my problems started shortly after receiving the implant.  I have sent blood in for the Melisa test, but wonder if a reaction will show being I was not able to refrain from using inhalers for five days.  The implant has adhered to the bone and looks "perfect".  I am ready to get it out and praying I can return to my normal level of activity.  Is there anyone out there with some information that could help?

Am I the only one????  I don't think the ADA or the implant manufacturers want to investigate the possibility of this lucrative procedure being a problem for anyone, so it is hard to find any data supporting my suspicion.  

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Go to MELISA.ORG and send them email asking about any local doctor who can order test for you. I live in Virginia and there were no doctors in my state who could order the test. They gave me names and numbers of 3 doctors around the U.S. that do phone consults and order the test to be drop-shipped to you. The only one I could get through to was Gloria Hyzer in Wisconsin and she has been very responsive. I also discovered that very few facilities will do blood draws for outside companies so check around before you drive to your local Labcorp or Quest Diagnostics. They don't do blood draws, nor Patient first or Medic One. I DID find a HCA emergency center that DOES do the blood draw ($25). Also, MELISA.ORG has a map that will show you labs close to you that do blood draws but call them to make sure they still do draws for outside testing facilities.
Best of health.
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A link to a Cilantro Pesto recipe:
I have never seen it in a jar but you never know what you'll find these days. I usually go to a bulk food section of a good store and buy exactly how much I need of each item. I eat a heaping teaspoon each day on a cracker, chew really fast and swallow. (I hate the taste of oil.) It does work. After I had my amalgams removed I ate this daily for 6 months and the underside of my tongue eventually went from black back to a healthy pink. Salsa packed with cilantro is also great but this choice not for people who still have amalgams as the acidity releases more Mercury from fillings.
Best of health.
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You may want to try "oil swishing" - mix some melted coconut oil (not too hot) and add some cinnamon oil or peppermint flavoring (all the above can be found at Walmart) and swish like mouthwash for 15 minutes or as long as you can stand. This is supposed to help ALL mouth and gum problems. The coconut oil is antibacterial, anti fungal and will even whiten teeth. For me this helps with the jaw pain, the sore spots on the inside of my cheeks and the general taste of metal in my mouth. I'm not suggesting this is going to solve your problems - it won't but it help with your symptoms until you get some kind of resolution with the teeth. If you are getting infections or running fevers you can swish with colloidal silver (I swallow after swishing) a few times a day. Commercial colloidal silver is expensive so if at all possible make your own for about 5 cents a gallon. Some companies use salt which is not colloidal silver. If you can't/ won't make your own email me at Vicki.***@**** and send me your address and I will send you a bottle.
Best of health.
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My son also had a bone graft, I'm not sure what kind of material he used. You mentioned they used a synthetic material for your bone graft. Do you know if oral surgeons use different materials. I'm worried that when my son had his implants removed the oral surgeon used a material that could have triggered his symptoms to get worse. Terry thankyou for all your info and being so helpful! My son has app. End of August with naturopath/ biologist dentist. Hopefully he can help and start healing his body. We have been thru alot my husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 appendix Cancer year and half ago and liost my Dad 2 weeks later. my son and Daugter did research and found a surgical oncologist specialist that saved his life. My husband is well,athough he is not Cancer free yet his ct scan is stable. My son and my husband is real close, losing his grandfather and having his own health issues since he had them removed it has been difficult!! Keeping the faith!!
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I am sorry to hear of all your family is going through.
I really dont have any advice or information about the bone graft.
Has your son had any vaccinations (flu shot, tentanus) lately?
Has he been on many antibiotics?
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No he hasn't ever had a flu shot. He hadn't had a tetanus since high school. I think one antibiotic last winter.
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That's good, I have been studying up on the ingredients in vaccines and that can be troublesome. Sending good thoughts your way!
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I wanted to post on my recent findings because they may apply to others. The results of the MELISA testing came in and I am not allergic to any of the dental implant materials. (A previous test showed I am allergic to gold but I doubt there is gold in titanium implants since the manufacturers can use such cheaper materials.) But I have had such horrible systemic problems for the last 6 months I now suspect I have an ongoing low grade infection around my lower left molar implant. The gum around the implant does not bleed and is not inflamed but throbs incessantly. Each course of antibiotics helps but the pain and systemic symptoms return shortly afterwards. I have found an oral surgeon who, despite my not being allergic, is going to remove this implant September 15- or earlier if there is a cancellation. I am beginning echinacea extract as a preparation for surgery as it more easily penetrates bone; I am worried my chest pain all this time may be endo-carditis related to the ongoing infection and I need to clear this up before getting anesthesia.
I have posted this for the benefit of all- having pain from only one implant when you have many -and that one painful implant being asymptomatic for peri-implantitis- may mean you have an infection in the jawbone at that site. I will post after the removal and list any improvements.
Best of health to all.
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I've had amalgam fillings for over 30 years, and a root canal and crown in 2010, all with no issues. I had a titanium implant on Feb 2 of this year. Almost immediately, I had terrible dry mouth, and either a salty, metallic or bitter taste, all of which the oral surgeon had "never heard of". I had him remove the implant post on March 16 because I was miserable. The problems improved a little, but I still have a metallic taste every day, some days its worse than others, mainly coming from the area of the implant. If I talk for long periods of time (and I am in sales) I get to the point I can no longer speak. I've seen my regular dentist, another dentist, an ENT, and my MD. No one can help. Can the titanium implant kick off a galvanic reaction that does not go away? I've had 2 more amalgams replaced with composite. Might this improve on its own over time? Its been 6 months since the titanium was removed. Is there another type of doctor I should see? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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"Can the titanium implant kick off a galvanic reaction that does not go away? I've had 2 more amalgams replaced with composite. Might this improve on its own over time? Its been 6 months since the titanium was removed. Is there another type of doctor I should see? Any thoughts would be appreciated. "

Biological/holistic dentists will tell you yes, on the galvanic reaction. I am in the middle of this right now myself. I am about to have amalgams and crowns replaced and a root canal tooth pulled. I am sure they are causing me similar (but much much lesser) problems that the implant caused me before it was removed.

The galvanic reaction will cause mercury to be released into your system. I don't believe it will go away on it's own, but if your level isn't too severe it might not cause you any noticeable problems and if you aren't reactive to it. Everybody has different sensitivity levels.

Once you have all the metal out of your mouth, you may need chelation therapy, depending on how you feel and how how bad the metal and mercury levels are in your system. This is something I am just learning about, it appears there are two types of chelation, one is oral (pills and supplements and vitamins I believe) that have a very low absorption rate and are pretty weak overall. The other type is I.V. chelation, which is pretty strong and can be dangerous if not done properly, it has to be done slowly and over time.

Google an organization called DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions), and you can request from them a list of holistic/biological/integrative doctors and dentists in your area. You really need to see these types, the traditional/conventional medical world still thinks this is all hoodoo voodoo and we're all crazy and this metal problem is all in our minds. The good news is there are some doctors and dentists out there who do know the truth and how to treat it, there's just not a whole lot of them.
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Thanks for your response. I have one amalgam that is fairly close to the site of the implant. I think I will have that one out as soon as possible and see if it helps. The metal taste appears to be coming from that general area. I have googled DAMS and will see if there is someone in my area. I'll report back if there is any change after getting rid of this amalgam. I'd like to get my levels tested. I'd like to try the oral chelation and see if it helps. Thanks again for your advice!
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No problem. As I said this is all very new to me and I am in the beginning phases of this process myself (concerning the amalgams and chelation).

I do know you are supposed to go slowly with the amalgam removals, one at a time. That's a key to the whole process, not doing things too quickly. Your body can have big reactions to even small changes, even removing just small amounts of metal from your body can cause huge changes and reactions.

Seeing a holistic or biological dentist is a very important start--the amalgams have to be removed a certain way, and only these types know how to do that without releasing more mercury and maybe other metals into your system. Those type dentists probably have connections with biological or holistic or integrative doctors or can refer you to one who can set up a program regarding the chelation process, or whatever process is best for you to remove metals from your system.

I do believe some people have been able to achieve success with just dietary changes and oral chelation, the proper type doctor can work on that with you.

I was told I needed to start this before we removed the first amalgam, I have been on a program for about 5-6 weeks now taking supplements and vitamins that remove very small amounts of metal, to help my body start adjusting and prepare for all of this. Very important to seek the advice of a good holistic or biological or integrative doctor before getting into all of this.

We will begin replacing the amalgams and crowns in my mouth in about three weeks probably.

Not everybody reports having that metal taste in their mouth, personally I had   a dreadful and very strong taste of metal in my mouth the whole six months my implant was in. That taste went away after it was removed though.

I don't recall DAMS having an actual list of doctors and dentists on their site, but you should be able to find a place on their site where you can request a list, and they will send one to you. I got an email response very quickly and a list showed up in the mail within 3-4 days.

Best of luck with everything.  
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One other interesting side note. The biological dentist I am seeing now, the one who will be replacing my amalgams and crowns, actually told me the galvanization of the metals in my mouth was likely more of a problem than the metal in the implant itself. He said most likely, if I had that implant placed and had no other metals in my mouth, it would have never caused me any problems. However, the reaction between the metals in the implant and the plethora of other metals I have throughout my mouth is what created my problems. That's how much emphasis he puts on the whole galvanization issue.
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Having that implant for 6 weeks was the worse thing I ever did! I wish I could go back in time. I know so many people who get them and have no problems...
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I have now talked to several biological doctors/dentists who believe every person who has any kind of metal in their mouth has problems because of it. Most are chronic issues that play out over a lot of years and are never tied to implants or mercury from fillings. It's just a rare few who are hyper sensitive and have the big and quick reactions like most of us who post messages here.

I've always been pretty sensitive to everything, so looking back it amazes me that I never thought twice about having the titanium implant installed. But I had never heard of anybody having any problems from them, so I never gave it a second thought. Until afterwards and I had all the problems pop up at the same time.
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I read that there are alot of issues when titanium implants are placed.
Are there any succes - stories after they are removed ? I don't read this quite often when i check out the blog.

What can you expect if you choose to replace or remove them ? Is there directly a change in the eventual symptoms that you have ?

Is there more info to find on the internet , like a website ?

Hoping to find some answers.

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Hi Best to settle in with a cup of tea and read from page one.
Lots of good info here!
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So, we did read the entire blog. We ended up talking about the issue for days and finally agreed that we had more questions than we started with.

Especially about the healing - process. Can we contact a professional to discuss the pro and contra's ?


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I wish there were professionals we could turn to on this matter. We are all pretty much pioneers trying to figure it all out.
Please feel free to email me and my dentist is pretty knowledgable about all of this stuff and the dangers of titanium.
Did send private message.
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We will do research.
Can we email the dentist ?

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Is there a delay ? Did you receive our question ? Is there any way we can arrange to meet up with others who had this problem ?

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Joe, I am not sure what your original situation is. I am more comfortable communicating via email or private message here.
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Hi Terry. Thank you for posting this information. I just had my titanium implant removed this morning and have been recovering from a severe Vitamin D deficiency. As a result of the deficiency I believe that my body is suffering from an autoimmune response but of course the two gen practice doctors I went to and multiple specialist believe that my WBC is slightly low because I just have a cold or something. I noticed you said your autoimmune response went into remission through diet. I also went on a very strict, healthy diet that caused my symptoms to nearly disappear. So much so that I forgot about my symptoms and loosened up on my diet which caused the symptoms to return. Anyway, my removal of my fully integrated implant of 8 years, (I struggled with issues from it for that long with no surgeon wanting to remove it), went very quickly and I also had a bone graft. I am hoping that along with the implant removal, and return of my strict diet, my symptoms will subside again. I would like to know what symptoms you are suffering from if you ever return back to this site. Thanks, Renee
Hi Renee, I have none of the symptoms I had. I am recovered. It did take a while though and I do need to be very mindful of my diet. If you can find a holistic MD or natural practioner that may help, but a pure diet and lifestyle will go a long long way to recovery!
PS--it felt really great to write that!!!! What a hell of a journey this has been!!!!
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Terry, just to update you on my status, just today we removed the last of the metal from my mouth. In the last 8 weeks I've had all four wisdom teeth pulled (two had silver/mercury fillings) and pulling them all was a simpler cheaper fix. I also had a bad root canal pulled, and then I had 6 crowns replaced and three more silver/mercury fillings removed. Completely metal free now.

I've been getting small doses of I.V. chelation and I.V. vitamins/minerals once a week for about 10 weeks too....we've slowly worked our way up to half a bag of EDTA my last two visits. At first it made me feel really run down for 3-4 days, then my body adjusted and I've felt almost no ill effects the last couple weeks.

I've just learned from my biological dentist today about a new chelator called OSR that may be available by the end of this calendar year. It's not really "new," the guy had released it previously and the FDA squashed it. He's gotten private funding and is going to release it again as a supplement instead of a drug. It's going to be in a pill form, not I.V. This product is supposed to be especially efficient at targeting mercury and removing it from the body. Here's some info:


I also was exposed to this for the first time today, I cannot believe I've not even heard of this until now:


And I guess maybe you saw this article that appeared in newspapers all around the country the other day:

I'll check those out! I still have a few crowns to go. CONGRATS to you to have your mouth alll metal free now, I know what a big deal that is!!
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Just getting all the metal out of my mouth has made me feel better already. I did not want to resort to the I.V. chelation, in the beginning I wasn't going to, until I found out how loaded I was with about 7 different metals, just off the charts. My holistic and integrative doctors agreed I was going to have to go the I.V. route to get the metals out of my system. At least the EDTA is the "mildest" of the I.V. chelator options, or so I've been told, it just doesn't work on removing mercury. So I'm really glad to hear about his OSR product.

What are you waiting on, get the rest of your crowns replaced! I'll bet you're waiting because you feel good and don't want to rock the boat. That's the reason I waited to get started, I felt good and did not want to mess with anything. Then I started going downhill fast again and had no choice. I'm sure I had the galvanic reaction, and as more metals leaked into my system it finally got to the point where I was feeling bad again.
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I have/had many crowns, just paying for all the dental work the past 9 years, I could have bought a home in an affordable state!! Im not kidding either. Almost there, 3 more I think...
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Thanks to everyone posting here. I was seriously entertaining the idea of getting an implant. You have all changed my mind. I have had all amalgam removed, and had the non-metal crowns. But they didnt last. They tend to shatter easily, and so I am back to metal/porcelain crowns.
It's interesting that the dental community say implants are 95% safe. I wonder how many people have them, and just accept the resulting illnesses, and so never report them.
Sending you all blessings, gratitude, and healing.
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I had 2 Titanium implants in June 2015 and about three months later, I began having constant headaches, severe itching with burning sensations on my ears, arms, trunk, buttocks and thighs. These itch attacks were so severe and would last up to 4 hours. Acupuncture is the only thing that actually allows me to get through this. The only thing different in my life are the dental implants so I talked with my oral surgeon's assistant and she  insists that there has never been  a documented case of an allergic reaction to Titanium and that it can't be the implants...Went to see an allergist who said the same thing to me. Blood tests done were normal except for a positive ANA. I had the abutments removed 3 weeks ago which gave slight relief, but the itching skin is back. My oral surgeon is asking me to just take the itch medications and bear this while he researchers the issue further because osseointegration has occurred already and it would be worst to have them removed. Somehow I do not believe this.
I have found a dermatologist who has helped people in my situation. He is going to do the MELISA test and also patch testing on me. I want the implants out of my mouth so badly.  
Your story is our story.......I am sad you are going through this. Read all of these pages. There are solutions. We were all told the same things by our dentists and doctors too.  
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Hello, I had 2 titanium implants placed in my mouth back in 2007. The gum around it was extremely inflamed and purplish and never settled down so a year later the doctor, knowing I was allergic to nickel, replaced the abutments thinking it must be this since the implants themselves were titanium. Fast forward to 2016, gums never really settling down but being told they look great, yes the implants look great but the gums looked terrible, always felt fatigued and sickly with a lot of complaining of frequent swollen  glands. Yes all my medical physicals were passed with flying colors and nothing could be found wrong. I dug deep and took the Clifford Allergy Test. Not only is Nickel toxic for me but so is Aluminum. I obtained the alloy composition of both the implants and of the abutments and found that yes the new abutments did in fact have nickel but I also found out that my "titanium" implants(titanium, which I am not allergic to, by itself is not that strong so they add various alloys to make it strong) in my case the key added alloy was Aluminium. HELLOOO!!!! At that instance I decided to have both removed, ASAP!  Both implants were fully integrated in the bone and I obtained three different dentist opinions how to remove them and all wanted to use a trephine drill and cut them out(sounded pretty barbaric to me). These 2 implants were in the top front of my mouth, I did not want to lose any more bone than I had to and risk the chance of being deformed. Long story short, I found an oral surgeon in Maryland who specializes in "unscrewing" them!!! Flew there and just like he said, couple of shots of Novocaine and each implant was unscrewed in I think less than 10 minutes!!!!
Could you tell me the surgeon's name? I live in Md.  My surgeon is Dr Will.  Is he the one???
Dr. Ryan Kazemi
complete success, other than my gums still gray from where the titanium implants had been,don't know if this is called leaching or oxidization or whatever, but left a grayish hue.  Those "Titanium" implants when checked the composition sheet(I obtained from the dentist after all this happened) indated they were called "Tivanium".  Major component..aluminum.  Hope to God I never need a hip or knee replacement.
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FYI: some doctors claim to be able to unscrew implants, but this doctor is where those doctors send their failed attempts(broken implants etc). Wish I could shout out his name but not sure on this site?
May you pls share Doctor name?
Please share Doctor name. Was it a success?
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YES shout out his name!!
I am so happy for you!
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I found it!!  Kazemi oral surgery in Maryland.
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I had a successful implant in my upper molar and a sinus lift in Nov 2015.  I had no problems at all until the crown was placed in Oct 2016.  About 2 wks afterwards, I started having trouble breathing when laying down at night.  My sinuses were swollen shut and my ears and throat badly itched.  I could only breathe sitting up.  I've had asthma since childhood I thought it was related to that.   Except I've never had problems with my sinuses before this.  Since Oct. I've had a recurring sinus drip and lung congestion.  I've been sleeping in a "reclining position".   I've been on 4 rounds of antibiotics for what felt like sinus infections.  I only started feeling this badly since the crown was placed. My dentist was willing to remove the crown and abutment.  It's easy because it's screwed in.  It was out for 1 month and I felt a lot better.  Still had itchy ears but still thought it was just allergies.  I had the crown put back in yesterday.  Last night my throat and sinuses were badly swollen and constantly itchy.  My breathing was compromised.  I had to take an antihistamine and stay awake. ..then went to sleep in a sitting position.  I saw my dentist today and he said he'd take  out the abutment and crown again for me.  I don't want to remove the implant if I don't have to.  He is going to research my reaction.  I have a lot of other metal in my mouth - gold crowns, etc.  Mercury was removed in 2007.  No other implants.  Should I just remove the crown and abutment and leave the healing cover in?
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Is it possible to have a reaction to the crown and abutment, but not the implant?  I had no symptoms until the crown was placed a yr after the implant.  Terrible ear, nose and throat swelling and itching.  Can't sleep laying down because the sinuses close up.
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Is the crown put on with a metal mixture?
It could be galvanization.
There have been others on the board with the same type of reaction as you once the crown was put on I believe.
I had the crown and abutment removed yesterday...easy to do.  My dentist said he has heard of people reacting to the crown and abutment...he suggested a ceramic/zirconium crown.  I plan to do the metals test first.  He also gave me the label for the crown (Noble), which he had attached to my chart.  It has the complete alloy breakdown. I am going to wait several months to let my allergies go away.  Thanks for replying to my post.
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all of my new crowns are ceramic with no metal binding and I am doing well with them.
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Correct!!  Dr. Kazemi in Maryland!  Total success, my mouth has healed wonderfully!!!! those "Titanium" implants that were removed left a blackish tattoo behind where they use to be...not NO more pain discomfort or misery!!!
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Hi, has anyone here had voice problems?
I have an implant since 2009.
The dentist caused me a paresthesia during the operation, so I never wanted to actually put the tooth on top of the screw, searching for years if I could first find a solution to the problem.
Worse than that, short after the operation some strange symptoms in my voice started to occur: it shakes, trembles and cracks up.
I was diagnosed a spasmodic dysphonia, which is a neurological problem that affects the voice.
As with many neurological diseases, it is known, but nobody knows why it starts, nor has a solution to that.
I was advised by a biological dentist to remove the screw, as it might cause a reaction with 2 crowns which I have in my mouth.
Finally I decided to remove it, hoping that it changes something.
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Hello from Slovenia-EU,

Here is my story if someone needs information about titanium implants.
I become very ill 8 years ago. My life was like vegetation. I researched around all Europe and USA to found doctor or person who can help me.
After 3 years when I totally exchange my lifestyle I found reason for my problems, It was silver fillings. After 2 years extreme detoxify – I am lucky that I had support from Dr. Andrew Cutler, one of the best doctor in the world for amalgam detoxify – I got 50 % of my life and my health back. But not all.  First I thought that maybe my body is damaged from 15 years of 7 amalgams filling. Than I was shocked when I got information about titanium problems. I had 3 titanium implants with 5 zirconium teeth on. Doctors in my country have told me that titanium is not case for my problems. At that time my problem was:
headache, sinusitis, bleeding gums, pain in the left hand - side where they were implants, problems with vision, problems with memory, great fatigue, without energy, pain in the area of implants, gastro problems. Doctors in my country said that they can’t take out titanium implants safety and that I will have problems with bone after operation. But I investigate a lot again and I got a lot of information from all the world. Some information was useful some not like in every case. But I had lucky again and I got contact about Dr. Shumantov. In my health story I met more that 300 doctors from around the world but I can say that Dr. Shumantov is one of the best doctor and person which I know. He operates in USA and couple of time every year at Europe. I decided that I go to Sofia where he operates in Europe. I was very happy with his professionalism. He told me everything about titanium and what he will do, before operation and I was shocked how easy he removed 3 titanium implants with reverse system. All 3 implants took out in 40 minutes. After that he put new bone material and I come every day to control. After 7 days I go back to my country. Now after 8 month I can tell you: My only mistake was that because of my scary what doctor in Slovenia said, I didn’t take titanium implants out before. In the meantime they disappeared almost everyone my problems which I had before that operation. No headache, no sinusitis, no bleeding gums, no pain in the left hand - side where they were implants, no problems with vision, no pain in the area of implants. It is truth that I still have some energy and tired problems but I think that my body after all problems with amalgam and titanium need more time to recover. Maybe some problems will stay but  8 year ago my life was vegetation; today I got 80 % my life back and totally new way of life. My next part of operation is put zirconium implants in. My story was broadcast on Slovenian TV. I wish that all of you can solve problems with health and especially with teeth. And believe me: Dentist can destroy your life. If you wish more information and contact of Dr. Shumantov you can contact me.
Igor from Slovenia
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Here is someone else who was severely poisoned by a titanium implant - myself. I really hope that by sharing our unfortunate experiences more people will become aware of the risks they are taking by implanting metal into their jaw bones. But I am also very happy to be able to talk about this in past tense, because it is already behind my back now and over. I really hope that would be a way to show the people who are still suffering that there is a solution.  Yes, things do get better after you remove your metal implant/s! Just be sure to find the right doctor to do it SAFELY.
I got sick immediately after the placement of the implant and I recovered very fast after it was taken out. I guess this is due to the fact that I had my implant only for a month. My symptoms were severe fatigue, brain fog, headache, eczema (inside my mouth and sometimes over my chin), lack of concentration, ear pain and numbness that drove me crazy, difficulties breathing and occasional sense of odd inner trembling. A few times I was about to faint. I was feeling out of space the whole time. I was about to take one last exam and soon to be a therapist, but paradoxically I myself was in such a painful psychical and emotional struggle that I felt I was losing the battel and was surrendering to depression myself. I watched the constant pain and inability to function take over my personality. Now, when I don’t have those symptoms anymore, I see what a great difference there is between reading about those symptoms, and actually experiencing them. I remember how desperate I was. I was feeling a constant and extremely overwhelming inability to function on a daily basis – for instance, I was totally unable to drive, or to concentrate, or to talk to people.
I made a little research and found out that many people are actually experiencing the same thing.
Then I started researching deeper and looking for options for implant removal. And I encountered a huge paradox: almost every building of this enormous city (New York) has a dental office where you can have an implant placed. But at the same time there are rarely any dentists at all who could remove a dental implant. I spoke with dentists with different specialties, including oral surgeons. The answers I received ranged from total refusal to remove it because of the severe damages this procedure would cause to my jaw bone and my overall health; to a total denial that the symptoms had anything to do with the implant whatsoever. Those who still offered an option for removing it, suggested they do it by trephining it out of the bone – a procedure witch causes severe bone loss and a high possibility for further damage; but above all, the great risk of breaking the integrity of the implant and leaving behind tiny titanium particles to blend into the bone tissue and thus remain part of the body system forever.
Luckily I didn’t agree to undergo this terrifying procedure and I almost accidently but very fortunately came across Dr. Shumantov, whose practice is currently located in NYC. He is great! As I can see, other people here have had had their implants also removed by him. Dr. Shumantov is highly experienced in safely removing titanium dental implants. He removed my implant literally within a few minutes and he managed to keep the bone totally intact; there wasn’t even a need of bone grafting. And I was surprised to find how all my symptoms magically disappeared almost right away. A flow of energy spilled over my body and the “out of space feeling” disappeared almost immediately. Now, a week after I had my implant removed I am back to my normal state.
Take it out! Good luck!
Can you tell me what method Dr Shumantov used to remove your implants. I have had mind 3 years and suffer every day with, headaches, jaw pain and nausea and stomach problems. I want them out but with the right procedure.
Dr. Shumantov is equipped with a special implant remover kit, a bunch of instruments not all dentists have. The implant is practically unscrewed/untwisted with a ratchet. It’s very atraumatic.
Trephining the implant out with a tool called “trephine” is unsafe and should be avoided.
Good luck! I will be happy to help with whatever I can.
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I am having trouble posting a new thread.
I have a scientific paper linking titanium implants to auto immune issues.
Message me and i can forward it.

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My husband has been suffering since his implant was put in about a year ago. He has an MRI scheduled for tomorrow to make sure there isn't another cause for the constant headaches, sinus drainage, and ear pressure.  If the MRI finds nothing then his next step is removal of the implant. Can anyone recommend a dentist in Ohio who has successfully removed their implant?
A lot of times people will only remove an implant if they were the one who put it in. I think your best best is to do a Google search for the IAOMT organization. When you click on their home page you'll see a place near the top of the page that says "For Patients." If you point your mouse at that, a drop down window will show up, and one of the options will be "Search for an IAOMT Dentist/Physician. Click on that and you'll see a state by state listing of biological dentists in each state. These dentists are the ones who will understand the whole problem, have the knowledge, and most likely be willing to help you.
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Please I need more information on this! I have nearly lost my sanity as my health issues decline more rapidly everyday, my relationship has been strained beyond limits and I'm tired of being looked at as if I'm just "Crazy".
5 days ago I came across a video on Amazon prime called "The Buisness of Disease" and I thank God for coming across it.
As a youth my teeth were treated with the typical silver fillings, we all had them and never thought twice about it. Well today as I think back in my 20's I had 2 molars that gave me so much grief. I cracked into 2 pieces and the filling falling out, I used temporary filling from drug store until I reached the most desperate moment crawling into an 24hr emergency dental to havevto removed completely.a few years later similar situation arised on my right upper side molar which came to the most desperate painful, "just pull it out now!" Moment. My teeth always seemed so sensitive but I found a dentist I liked and was persuaded to get implants. 1 at a time I decided so around 7 or 8 months ago I started the process. I have yet to get the tooth completed. During the time I started having pain issues through out my body ended up having carpal on both hands after the second hand I swore something was wrong very wrong, Dr. Didn't believe me they said I should be getting better. My whole body started aching at the joints head aches insomnia, I developed anxiety and depression  overload, I thought due to winter blues but this was odd, the screw came up out of my gum tissue my dentist had me cone and get the post or abundtment portion I was sedated and after everything seemed fine at first and I was on an antibiotic,writhing a week I felt drained, thought I was getting sick, my throat hurt dizzy, blurred vision aching so bad I had hard time standing sitting bendind just anything. I got some skin sores out if nowhere my lip cracked and wouldn't heal, I have never experienced anything like this my whole life. I got skin rashes nose bleeds, Dr. Treated me as tho I had staph yet no blood test showed it and I had several test. I was referred to the dermatologist, I seen 2 the first argued said I had angry dry skin gave me clabatosol carave lotions and ointment wear latex with hand feet soaked in it and don't touch my lip let it heal. Later he wanted to give me an anti psychotic, increase anxiety meds. Other Dr tripped my antidepressant I had 3 hydrocortisone ***** and other pain relieving shots that were ineffective all within 2 to 3 weeks. I felt I was losing my mind because I defended my complaints I know my body! Even my children were baffled in 6 months I changed and I felt completely lost! Hopeless, frustrated. I decided to try and clean my body out, wean off my meds balance my insides I started watching thingsvon how to, and found a wellness clinic. I night I seen this video I mentioned earlier and BAM! THERE it was it described what I had felt I googled and info flooded to connect me to my answer yet there is still so little. I've called my dentist they wanted to know why I had kept putting them off to finish well I said I want it out.

There is so much more but it exaughsts me to cover it all can anyone relate? Is there any help can I prove this is true? Why is it not discussed, can I get better is this what is happening to me? This Oral Galvism?
Please any info I would so appreciate it. Thanks
Yes, implants do affect different people in various ways.  When they work they are wonderful.  But many people have not had an easy time after having them inserted.  Body inflammation, sore joints, tired, headaches. etc.  Soon as they have it removed they start to get their lives back. All these people were hard working people that just wanted to get on with life.  This is what I have seen first hand in myself, and also in others that have gotten back to feeling good.  I have a record of people that have had them out. Mothers, students, company owners.  I am not a dentist and do not suggest anyone do anything.  I am just letting you know that
people have had problems and people have gotten better when they get them out.  It seems a majority of people start to have problems in about two weeks.  and the longer they have them in, the worse the people get.   You need a good surgeon to remove them.  They should not be ground out.  They should be removed whole.  with the right surgeon it should be easier coming out, then
when it went in.   Does not take long.  My surgeon is outside of Philadelphia.  But others have found a good surgeon in other parts
of the country.  Find one that has done this before.  I hope this information helps anyone out there who is agonizing over what to do.
Again, this is just what I have seen, I am not a dentist and am just passing along information I have been told about other people's
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My sister had 8 dental implants and had same thing, autoimmune disorder, inflammatory markers, etc.  She was ill for 9 months and had them removed.  Within a few hours, her skin tone changed from green/gray to pink, feeling came back in her right hand, and her knees stopped feeling wonky.  She was on steroids for joint pain which went away also.  None of the doctors or dentists believed us either.    I believe it because I've seen it.  My advice is to remove it.
Hi acurler - do you mind me asking what happened with your sister's hand? I had metal embolisation coils placed in my abdomen and one of the many synotoms I've had is a loss of sensation / weakness in my left arm and hand. It's truly bizzare.
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Hi all. I noticed that this thread started 8 years ago! And thank god for it. I have an implant put in early May 2018, is June started to have upper back, shoulder and neck pain. Early July started to experience horrible muscle pain, random tingling in limbs, numbing, heqdhaches, heal pain... but the worst is the lower abdomen pain. I’ve had ultrasounds, er visits and so on. ANA came back positive. I’m 33 and never in my life have i had any sign of an autoimmune disease. I’m 33 and an athlete and walking is difficult now. For all the folks that had theirs removed, what was the success of improvement? Can anyone out there help me!
I hadn’t thought of this thread for a while now as I had all of these issues in 2014 and had it removed then and today got an email saying a comment had been added. It was a dark and scary time of my life so my heart goes out to you. The relief for me was almost instant and it took a good year to get my strength back 100%. Good luck. Anyone reading this- this thread honestly saved my life and I am so thankful for it.
Thank you for the response! It’s been a hard month and half. Can anyone relate to menstrual pain being a thousand times worse during this issue? And of course people around me think I’m crazy to assume this because I’m not having any issues with the implant itself, my question is... how could the titanium implant be affecting me if i don’t show signs around the implant itself? I’m trying to truly confirm this because i know the dentidt will fight me on this, i truly don’t know what else would be affecting me like this randomly. This is so scary! I’m so happy your health improved, that’s hopeful and fantastic!
Hissim 27 titanium isn't made up of only titanium, it has other metals in it, usually nickel.  Prior to my neck surgery (cervical fusion),  I always had problems with different types of metals and I told that to the surgeon.  He assured me that no one is allergic to titanium and that this implant would be 100% titanium.  It wasn't the titanium I was allergic to, it was the nickel in it.  After trying to get information for two years I came across this website.  There is a lab that tests for metal allergies, and I had the testing done and I did test positive for several metals, the worse being nickel.  It took me a while to find a doc to remove the metal, but I did.  When they took it out, the surgeon told my husband that my spinal cord under the metal was black.   Long story short, I had the surgery to remove the "titanium," and that really helped me.  I have other medical problems, but it was one piece of this puzzle.  Here is a link to the lab's website http://www.melisa.org.  I got a lot of help from them, and I hope you will too.
Hello. This is Serbin.   Yes people have had them removed even when the implant was successful.  Their body reacted to the implant itself.   The longer it was in the worse their symptoms got.  Read back in these texts and see the write ups from me.   If you get it out get a good dentist.  Do not grind it out.   The correct dentist will be a big help to you.  
When I had my implant removed my improvement was immediate and dramatic. It's been three years, and I'm about 75% back to where I was before I had the implant. But I did have a very severe reaction that really knocked me down in a lot of ways. I did not show any signs of problems at the implant site, and that is very common. The reaction people have is called a "systemic" reaction, because it affects your system but not the actual site of the implant. This is supposedly the first scientific paper published concerning titanium intolerance:

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Yes, I have had this problem and so have a group of people.  Inflammation starts after two weeks of a perfectly good
implant.  Gets worse over time.  Saps the energy right out of a person.  I can't say it helps or not, but all the people that
have been in contact with me have told me they are so happy, now that they can return to their normal lives.  If you get the right surgeon, it was an easy procedure for people.  Do not have it ground out.  May sure they take it out in one piece, in its entirety.    Implants are a wonderful thing.  but if you are one of those people who recct poorly to it.  It can make your
life a living hell.  Please let us all know what you decide and how you make out.    Serbin
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I am gonna tell you my story. I found this forum after my problems started. First of all I had a bone graft with Bio-Oss in 2016, and in 2017 i had two dental implants inserted.
After 4 months I started having tingling in hands and legs, buzzing all over body and floaters in the eye above the implants. After several ophthalmologists I decided to take the implants out. In april 2018 I found a doctor to remove them. I'm still waiting for my symptoms to dissapear. I have random pain, buzzing, numbness, random heat sensation in legs, hands.  
I am sorry to hear that your symptoms didn't resolve.  Could it be that the doctor wasn't able to remove all of the implants?  Or you could be like myself, I have other medical issues that are not connected to the metal.  Another thought it may take a while for your body to reset.  Do you were any jewelry?  Usually people are allergic to the metal alloys in the titanium.  With myself it was nickel.  Do you were any jewelry?  What about metal fillings?  
I saw the implants after the surgery and they were in one piece. I went to several doctors and made blood tests, all good. I don't wear any jewelry. I'm visiting one of the best eye doctors in Europe in severel weeks because my floaters are increasing day by day. I am pretty sure all my problems started after I placed the implants. Now I wish that i found this earlier..I hope you are better.
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HI all,

Did remove my implants several years ago. Did have a bonegraft and lost alot of bone. So i need a new bonegraft before i can take zirconium implants.  I still am not healed. So probably my sickness wasn't from the implants. Sometimes i think the bonegraft is pushing against a nerve and is giving me that pounding head.  Anyway i did my  consultation with the  dentist http://www.ocendo.com/ Chetan K Metha. Terry on this blog has got alot of contact with him. They are more like neighbours and very helpfull.  It isn't painfull at all. I paid a price of 13000 $ to remove the two implants and have a bonegraft and gum. There is also a dentist in New York who does the same for a lower price of 3000 $. It isn't painfull at all ! God Bless.
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I have had a titanium dental implant 2 weeks ago, have been on antibiotics for 1 week. It was an extraction of previous screw-retained crown, and implant placed in the same procedure. There was also bovine bone graft placed. Then I was told to wait 4 months for the porcelain crown to be placed. The same day I started noticing some tingle on the lips, however it was on the opposite side of the face, the dentist told me there was no nerve touched, so apparently it was not paresthesia. Something else I noticed is a metal taste coming directly from the implant, starting the same day I got the implant, and never went away. It's like having literally a 9 volt battery in the mouth. Some days after the implant, I also started noticing some tremors on the fingers, mostly in the thumb finger, and some muscle contractions in arms and other parts of the body. Although the lips tingle is still there, it is not as strong as before, however I am worried about the fingers. Visiting and telling the dentist about this, on the second week the dentist recommended me to be on antibiotics for another week to prevent infection. I am now probably going to see the dentist again, and I am personally considering pulling the implant out. I feel like something is not right. Looking on the internet, but being no specialist myself, I suspect either "oral galvanism" or some kind of autoimmune response to the metals of the implant. I have read that no implant in the world is 100% titanium, and that they always contain other metals. Depending on the metal, the system can reject it or show some allergy. Today I also woke up and started nothing darker eye bags. I already have a titanium dental implant for many years without any issues, but after investigating, I realized its from another brand. Apparently the other implant is better quality or more pure than this one. So, apparently I am not directly allergic to titanium, but to some of the other metals added to some implants. I will try to get it out as soon as possible, and then do some general checks with the Clinical Dr, also consider doing the metal allergy test.
I also had bovine graft and two dental titanium implants. I experienced many muscle contractions after three months implants were placed. After the dentist told me I am "crazy" and that the implants can't give any general body reactions, only local I went to another one and took them out. After one year without implants i still have one in a week small contractions but they were horrible when I had them in my mouth. It is just my case. I'm not doing anymore implants. I know how you feel. Stay strong.
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Dear MasMuelas,

I had a titanium implant in my neck several years ago.  Very shortly afterwards I started getting ill.  I was extremely fatigued and had a rash around the area of the implant.  I did my own research and found a lab that ran metal testing.  I had the testing and found out that I was allergic to the other metals that are mixed with the titanium.  Long story short after two years of suffering I had the implant removed and my symptoms went away.    I am not saying this is the same for you, but it is worth investigating.
My allergy test said Nickel along with other metals including aluminum. Ask the doctor up front for a composite sheet of Titanium anything in your body. Unfortunately for me I didn't request the composite sheet until after I had a miserable experience with Titanium dental implants. I ended up having them successfully unscrewed/removed.  The composition sheet I obtained from the dentist indicated they were actually called "Tivanium".  Major component..aluminum!!!  Hope I never need a hip or knee replacement.
Some people don't even know they have a metal allergy. Especially those who know, such as Nickel, needs to have a more involved test to know what exactly they are allergic to and a doctor needs to know what he/she is selling the public. Mine didn't even know AU was gold. He said he never took a chemistry class.
Implanz - There is a new material that contains no metal at all.  I do not know the name of the product, but some dentists are using that now.  It has been on the market about 5 to 6 years now.  You may want to research that if a dentist in your area does that.
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