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what is triggering the asthma

what kind of food is triggering the asthma attack ?
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Hi, welcome to the forum, isolated asthma can be rarely seen secondary to food allergy. It can be possible that asthma can be manifested due to food allergy. Foods and additives like Milk, egg, peanuts, nuts, soy, and wheat are the most common agents to cause allergy. But the most important cause for asthma would be occupational exposure to the food products. For example; Baker's asthma is caused by IgE-mediated allergy to inhaled wheat proteins. But they do not trigger asthma when they are ingested.

To summarize, certain food proteins when inhaled can trigger asthma and rarely food ingestion might trigger asthma. Take care and regards.
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Hi, I have asthma quite badly and the things that set me off are eating bread, pasta & chocolate - starting a food diary is definitely a good idea. If you are a big coffee drinker try drinking black coffee instead (which also helps with attacks if you have not got your pump)
I'm not sure if you are affected at night time but my doctor has told me to make sure I keep my back and chest warm during the night and I find keeping the window open at night time helps also.

Hope anything of the above helps :)
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Can you give more information?

Many foods are capable of triggering asthma attacks.  Wheat, milk and eggs are common ones.  Also sulfite (preservative) is a frequently missed one.

The best thing you can do to identify your food trigger (or if food is really the trigger) is to keep a diary - a food diary and combined with exposure diary.  Keep in mind that some people won't experience an attack for several hours after exposure to the trigger.  That can be hard to identify.  You might want to try an elimination diet to identify your food triggers.

Praying you find answers.
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