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yellow liquid from nose

I was knealing down earlier and a stream of yellow watery liquid came from my right nostril.  I'd say about 2 tablespoons of liquid is what ran out of my nose.  This was not mucus and I have not been sick at all lately.  About an hour later I bent over again and could feel it about to happen again and blew my nose right away, again it was a yellow liquid.  I have never experienced this before.  I tried researching on the net but no real luck yet.  I have not had any kind of head injury lately.  I do work in hot conditions though almost daily.  I work new construction in houses with no AC, with temps getting above 110 with the heat index.  This week I did get pretty hot 2 days in a row.  I have worked in these conditions before and it has never bothered me, but on these 2 particular days, my eyes at the end of the day burned a good bit.  Could the heat be hurting me in a way I am not aware of ?  Today was Saturday and I didn't work, so I didn't get hot at all.  Can someone please help me out here and point me in the right direction of what might be wrong.
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All I can think of is an undiagnosed sinus infection that discharged real loose like that for an unknown reason. Any yellow or green or yellowish green discharge from the nose indicates infection. I have had sinus infections without even realizing it. Go to the Doc. Untreated sinus infections can really screw up your ears and sense of balance, leading to constant dizziness, nauseau etc. Not to mention the damage to your sinuses,i.e. loss of smell and taste. Hope this helps
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I get sinus and bronchitus infections all the time. Yellow means Sinus, Green means Bronchitus. Also, a sinus infection can easily turn into Bronchitus. I recommend going to the doctor and getting some medicine. Also, drink lots of water and get plenty of rest. Sinus infections are usually accompanied by headaches and some fatigue of various levels depending on how bad it is. And one other thing I would recommend (especially if you've got allergies or postnasal drip) is a sinus rinse. It's not medicated and therefore is safe to use with other medications. Neilmed makes a sinus rinse kit which can be purchased online at neilmed.com or at various stores/pharmacies. Although, if you do decide to try it, make sure you read the directions very carefully, and more than once before you start. It's also a bit weird feeling the first time, and you may have to do it twice before you start to really get the full effect, but I would definitely say it's worth while. But first, you should go to a doctor and see what they say, if nothing else then to confirm what's really going on.

I wish you all the best.
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I have the yellow liquid, too!  For the first time this morning, it came dripping like water out of my right nostril!  I am just getting over an upper-respiratory thing... what happened was I caught something that was going around, here in Indiana, and my sinuses and ears got all blocked!  Then, as though it were ready to reproduce, it moved into my upper chest, and I was coughing it up all over the place.  That, though, was normal mucus and snot... This is totally different - WATERY and YELLOW AS A CRAYON!  It got onto my white business shirt, and I had to bleach it!  Could this just be the final-letting-loose of my infection from earlier?  Or is it something more serious coming on??
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while draining like that does happen - even if you don't have any infection (that would be clear fluid) ...being that it is colored...concerns me.  If you are SURE there is no blood in the drainage - that is a good thing because a small amount of blood would possibly mean spinal/brain stem fluid...I would just go to the doctor and make sure you don't have the start of an infection going on...
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The same thing has happened to me today and I was freaking out at first but will definetly be going to the doctor and hoping that it is only a sinus infection!
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I have just had this happen tonight.  I have had sinus infection symptoms for about a week now.  I went to the doctor about 4 days ago and I was given allergy medication to treat what I was pretty sure was a sinus infection but the doctor said I had not had the symptoms for enough time.  I do not have blood coming out with my yellow nasal drip, but I do have blood in my other nostril and a bit in the left.  It is not dripping out but if I blow my nose there is a bit of blood.  The rest of my symptoms (cough, sore throat, stuffiness) have been improving but would people say I should go to the doctor again, or let this pass?
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I an a healthy person, free from any diesease or infection. It has happened to me 3-4 times in past 2 years. I siffer from pale yellow liquid.
I did not discuss it with doctor.

Is there anyone who has gone to doctor? Please post yor findings.
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Sorry about the spelling mistakes above, it happened because of the pale yellow liquid.
:)   (just kidding,just trying to blame it on something...)
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I just had watery yellow liquid gush out of my nose uncontrollably! I'm just getting over the flu that wiped me out for 5 days. Horrible flu symptoms: fever, severe headaches, body aches, dry throat, slight cough, chills, sweats, sensitive to light. It was awful, but I was feeling better and cleaning up and when I bent over this yellow liquid poured out of my nose! Surprised, I stood up and blew my nose, nothing but a little clear mucus. So I bent over to see and again the pale yellow liquid just gushed out. This really freaked me out. I've never had this happen before. Maybe just some sinuses draining? It was a few tablespoons worth of liquid. Any ideas?
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My story matches jaudie's exactly.  So at least I'm not alone, but I still don't know what this means.  Any medical answers?
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Wow.. I thought I was the only one.
I aswell had water like highlighter yellow liquiod dripping out of my nose. It first started in the shower, it felt like a nose bleed. I got out of the shower and it was pouring, until it stopped but when blow drying my hair it started to pour out again. I havent had a cold recently but 2 weeks ago I had a bad fall and hurt my head serverly... then this? Could it be related?
I took 2 trips to the ER.. First I went when it started but I didnt have and head ache, nausa.. but that later developed in the night when I came home from the ER. I went back in the morning.. they ran other of test ... CT scan came back ok.. my white bld count was on the high side and they wanted to do an LP.. I was scared however and though I might just go home and try to wait it out.. My head aches horrible although im feeling better in general... should I still be concerned? I never really got any anwsers of what it was exactly.
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Whew..I just had the yellow liquid gushing out of my nose! i just had cough, flu & fever last week. I noticed that I got dizzy every time I travel.
Well, I'll try to see a doctor this week...
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