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15 year old with bald spots on his head?

Hi. Im Calyn, im 15 years old, im a male, hair loss does run in are family, but not like this! I see bald spots or almost bald spots all over my head  no not just in the back and front like a norumal would lose there hai but EVERY WHERE, not just on my head ither. Im not on any drugs and had no sugry done on my head or anywhere else but my nose and i only dyed my hair once and im not pullig any hair out, so really what is this please i need a anwser! im loseing it fast, every time i brush my hair i find hair all over the sink! and people it the bald spots at school its already noiceable
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It looks like it could be Alopecia. Ask your parents to take you to a Dermatologist to find out what's going on.  
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An underactive thyroid gland often causes this kind of hair loss. When treated, the hair grows back. Your are correct, your condition is not related to the baldness gene.
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u sure about that? i way really little
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It is probably alopecia or hypothyroidism. I doesn't sound like male-pattern baldness.
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I'm 15 and have bald spots on my head it started in 6th grade as one spot. It was treated and went away. 2-3 years later it happens again but this time there's more. 3-8. Some small some bigger. They said its alopecia. I'm a good looking guy and its gotten to the point where I can't have short hair again that I like and look better in. So I have to have my hair pretty long to cover them up. I stress maybe a little more than the average teenager. But it has to do with more than that. Some kind of auto amune disorder. Which alopecia/ auto amune disorder affects 5% of the population. It's something to do with your body attacking your hair on accident or mistaking it for something bad.I recently got my hair buzzed off to a 2 thinking my bald spots are pretty much gone. There not/: its embarrassing. And the fact I'm going on vacation looking like this. Its something I'm going to have to deal with for the rest of my life most likely. When I grow up I'll probably just go bald and stay that way...
Wow man you are so imsparrational im a littile happyer knowing that im not alone loosing my hair in the middile teenage years
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