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Do I have hairloss

Hello ,

I’m a 16 year old boy from the United States and I have been really worried about my  hair over the past few months. so what is happening is that I am noticing a lot of hair strands falling off my hair mostly at night or when I’m showering(not really in the morning) I am not really receding from my hairline but I can see a  small line of my scalp above it( I don’t know, I think it might be because I have really thin hair) And most importantly, I have talked to my dad about this and he said that a lot of his family is bald (even him). In the mornings before heading out to school I use mousse ( I actually used to use those really hard gels), and I go to school, play sports, have a part time job so I get really stressed out a lot of the time.

I was wondering if this is considered hair loss?
And if that’s not the case, is there something I can do to prevent hair loss in the future and make my hair stronger?

Thank you
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It's normal to lose 'some' hair daily. Everyone does.  Do you have males in your family that are balding?  The genetics of it plays a pretty big role.  Your dad, your mom's father or your dad's father?  You are saying that your dad is balding and that he is telling you it is genetic.  Yes, you will likely have the same issue. However, you are very young.  Normally it does not start until around the age of 20 which is about the earliest.  Do you see a doctor once a year for a physical?  Mention two things to them . . .  your hair loss and your stress  both.  

Also, hey, great job man.  You are busy and well rounded.  A lot of women tell me that they find bald men very sexy so don't let it scare you if it happens down the road.  Sincerely.  It can be a good look.
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