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Hair Thinning

During the few months my hair have started thinning and everyone started pointing that i am gng bald but there is no hairloss . i dont know why is it happening is due to excessive masturbation or bad diet?
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If you really have male pattern of baldness then there is nothing much you can do except go for hair transplant. This pattern is due to testosterone hormone and its components and nothing can be done to reverse the effects. What you can do is consult a skin specialist and rule out other causes like anemia, dandruff, diabetes, thyroid disorders, fungal infection, and dermatitis. If there is no other cause found then though minoxidil oil may help to some extent, real cure is only through hair transplantation. Hope this helps. Take care!
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Hi ,
THANKS for u r reply but there is no MPB but my hair is thinning and there is no excessive hair loss. So can excessive mastrubation or bad diet cause it?can my hair have the kind of thickness it earlier through proper diet?
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