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Hair fall at the age of 19 why?

I Hello! I am 19 years old guy and I aquire baldness and so much of hair loss from past 2 years and I suspect that my hereditary is the main cause for the hair loss because my grandfather and my dad has the same baldness. recently I met with an accident and from there onwards my hair automatically fall like anything and at the age of 15 I used so many hair gels for my hair that I have a silky hair and it grows up very fast and for look like a fashionable guy I used to apply gels on hair and may be it is also a one of the reason.one year back i troubled with family tensions and I get stressed more and I even get weaker some time. At present in my life there is so much of worrying about my problem of stress...please suggest me a solution for this to stop the baldness and hairfall.
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Ugh, I'm very sorry. Male pattern baldness is indeed often hereditary.  What about some of the hair growth products like 'rogaine'.  Have you tried any of those?
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Good time NOW to try Rogaine.  The younger you are,  the more recent the hair loss, the better it works.  Hair loss as early as the late teens is rare but does happen in an otherwise healthy individual.  Just see a dermatologist to confirm this hair loss is hereditary and not from a dermatosis.
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