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Hair is twisting & underneath hair netting to scalp! help!

I am 53, wavey to light curly hair.
My hair just started knotting and twisting up together and the hair underneath tightens and sticks to my clean scalp so tight it causes headaches and nausea??? I painfully pull hair off scalp with a comb and then it relaxed dropping like normal for a minute and then bam it starts all over again.  It also moves from one area of the scalp to the other.
My Derm said it is nerves from a 20 year spine injury... How is that tangling, twisting, scalp netting and knotting my hair? Maybe scalp pain would be nerves; which is so bad I want to cry! But it does not explain the rest of my hair issue!

Anyone else? Are there any fixes? I have tried everything topical like chemical free full natural shampoos and cream rinse, hair mud mask, leave in conditioners any and everything I can find with no help.  
I am on Doxepin thats for nerve issues. No relief at all and Its Not my imagination and I can watch my hair tangle and the netting is the worse!
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Yes this has also caused a lot of hair loss too!
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I have been suffering with this same issue for almost a year now, and I thought I was going crazy with the lack of info online that they're is, which is next to none! Every single day I have tweezers and I'm unraveling my hair. It got so bad that my hair twisted up so tight that it looked like I took a straight razor and shaved my head down to the scalp in two different spots. I have a picture to prove it and now a few months later and I managed to unravel almost all the hair in both of those balls spots and it's the same length as the rest of my hair, almost down to the middle of my back! I cannot find anything online about this condition and I am having to use tweezers and unravel my hair just to prevent anymore bald spots from forming! I need help cuz not finding any answers and it is driving me outta my mind!
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