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I m losing hair when i was 18 now i m 24 years old.I live in UK.Many peoples said that this is issue of water u drinks
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The posts must have crossed ..they moved it to th hair loss forum ..all is well.. I think if you do some research into environmental allergies you will find that the chems they are spraying on us with the aerial spraying are doing some of this also other symptoms like dry cough and sinus problems.many are sick ginger899 has a journal up called 'What on earth are they Spraying'.
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Hello Dr.

It says above that this is a hair loss community.
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Hello, Unforuntately I think you posted this question on the wrong forum. This is the hearing forum.  I will email medhelp and let them know to send your post to the correct department.

Thank you,

Rachele M. Orsini, Au.D.
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