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How much is considered too much

I've been experiencing hair loss for over a month now. I'm wondering how much hair is too much hair to be losing within two days of washing it..

I've always had very thick hair. I am hispanic so my hair is very coarse. I've dealt with more than normal hair loss and I understand that it is normal to shed hair throughout the day. I have very long hair and it's always been healthy.

This past month I've noticed my hair is very thin, and it's looking very unhealthy no matter how much I try to keep it healthy. I use organic co-washing hair products, use oils, etc. My hair is thinning all over and it's a nightmare in the shower. When I put my conditioner in, hair just starts falling out and doesn't stop so I have to try and do my best to stop it. I am  not sure why this is happening, but I'm wondering if it has anything to do with Lyme disease? It's something I'm in the works of being treated for but in the meantime it is hard to keep up with and hard to deal with. What are some things I can do to stop it, or at least mask it or treat it while I'm going through this process? Also, how much is technically too much to be losing? It comes out in clumps throughout the day and in the shower, but i'm not sure what is normal as I've never dealt with this before? Any advice or tips will help, thank you!
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