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I an suffering hair loss probably due to anxiety

I'm suffering from hair loss due to anxiety and fear. I start to have burning sensation in chest and abdomen etc due to anxiety and fear and I notice that when I wake up in the morning I have lost couple of hairs from beard even body and pubic area in a diffused pattern it's going on for now 2 years when ever I have few happy good weeks my hair have even grown back specifically of beard and foot.will my hairfall stop and will my hair thicken?I notice the hair whi h grow back when I'm not anxious are thin ad compared to how they were previously
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Sorry for really late response.  Losing 'some hair' every single day is entirely normal.  You may be noticing it more due to your anxiety level.  If you feel it is normal and you are seeing bald patches, yes, anxiety can relate to this but so can other things.  A thyroid panel would be good to have, for example. And your doctor will ask you lots of questions like if you take any medications, etc. but probably this is normal hair loss you are just noticing more more than before (not that it is happening all that more).  Do you think you may actually subconsciously pull it out?  I've seen people mess and play with their hair and beard so much until they begin to pull hair out. I'd wonder about that because of your anxiety.  What do you do for the anxiety? This is treatable. We have an anxiety forum here that may be helpful.  
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and the anxiety forum here:  https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Anxiety/show/71

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