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I have thin hair and still getting thin. What should I do?

Hello, I'm 17. I have wavy hair, people say that it looks nice but it's kind a brittle but soft. I find it hard to brush it because it's very fragile, easily pulled on my scalp so after shower, I don't brush it quickly but I let it dry a little and I brush my hair from the bottom to the top. It bothers me because it seems like it's getting thin. My hair often falls and can easily be tangled. I know it's normal to lose 50-100 hair a day but it bothers me because I don't think it's still normal to lose more than that because it seems like I'm getting bald. Of course I don't count it but whenever I wash my hair, put shampoo and conditioner ( I actually don't use conditioner, I sometimes put Keratin Treatment but these following days, I use mixed honey and coconut oil) Because if I don't use conditioner or something that will give moisture to my hair, it feels dry especially when it's sunny because my hair gets easily dry when exposed to the sun. My hair just become oily or very nice at night. Sometimes the oil appears only at the top but dry at the bottom. My face often kind a oily. Sometimes my hair actually smells not good when it's oily but the smell is only at the top of my head and at the bottom, it still smells shampoo. I wonder if I have health problem or hair problem. What should I do to stop hair fall? How can I strengthen my hair? How can I have thicker hair?
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