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PRP scalp injections causing hair loss

I got PRP injections nearly a year ago and starting about 3 weeks post injections, every day since I've had a ton of hairs falling out every single day (before it was just zero to a few and thinning that occurred over years that I wanted to address).  Now one month to the next I have noticibly less hair, running my hairline too etc.  I've experienced several years of hair loss within one year... it's devastating with no signs of stopping... I'm still a young guy!

My questions to the community: (1) Why would PRP scalp injections cause this? and (2) how can I stop this daily shedding?

Thank you
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Helper- have you had your ferritin checked?
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No, I haven't.  I just googled it (never heard of it before your comment).  I actually did mess up my small intestines this past year too and been living at a high altitude the past couple years.. hmm... maybe I'll get that test... thanks!
Please let me know what the test results are if you get it! Just curious bc I’m getting prp too- the first time I tried it months ago, I had more shedding after. Then a doctor told me if my ferritin is low, nothing will stop the shedding. Curious to see if now that I have raised the ferritin, if the shedding will occur again.
Interesting and good to know! Okay I'll let you know the test results when I have them
Hey Javagirl88, so I got my results.  I still need to see a doctor about it.  I wonder if I should ask to get other things tested.  My Ferritin level came back as 98.99 ng/mL.  I'm a young male.  It seems that the normal range on the lab results are 30 to 400.  So if I'm reading it right, I guess it's within normal range, though on the low end perhaps?  Hmm.  My white blood cell count was a bit low.  Not sure if you have thoughts on this or how this ferritin level compares with yours (I think some are measured in ng/mL, some in ug/L).  I can provide another update after my doctor's visit.  Thanks!  I definitely want to stop this rapid shedding.  Something is odd.  For over 10 years I have been gradually losing hair at a very steady rate.  Then after the PRP boom it's much more, so something changed.
Hey helper- your ferritin level is actually pretty good, I think. Nothing that should contribute to hair loss. Mine was 15.  I’m still trying to get it to 70 (just for reference). When I initially went to doctors, they checked my thyroid, and hormone levels. Maybe that would give some more information. I wish I could help more! I know this is the worst feeling, it worries me every day when I look at my hair.
Hey Javagirl88, thanks so much!  I hope you get your ferritin level up!  Maybe I could check other levels and try some other things.  I'll try to keep you updated if things turn around.  And definitely, it's on my mind every day now too.
That's interesting about the ferritin level.  That can be helped with supplementation.  

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