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Rapid Hair Loss

I had taken a high dose of Accutane when I was younger and then settled on using a low dose (10mg - 4days a week) which seemed to keep my acne at bay while using a Vitamin A cream at night. I'm now 33 and have stopped talking accutane permanently just over a year ago due to two incidents of accutane induced shedding (telogen effluvium) episodes about 4-6 weeks after stopping & restarting the medication.

After stopping it was suggested that I try propecia to help with the hair regrow. I was reluctant, but once my hair started getting extremely thin (the shedding would last months), I started a course of 1mg daily. Side effects occurred within 3 weeks, so I quickly abandoned propecia.

Since then I have been using the generic minoxidil (7 months) which had started to help along with supplementing B6 and Saw Palmetto. But I keep having periods where my scalp itches beyond belief (Nizoral shampoos don't help) and this leads to further hairloss. My hairline hasn't receded, and was still somewhat thick, but between Jan this year and now (May 21st) it's thinned to the point I can't wear my hair up......

I'm desperate for a solution, at the rate it's disappearing, I will have to shave it in a few months.

I should also mention, I have had my hormones tested twice in the last year. Sept-2012 my testosterone was within normal range and DHT was 2467. The second round (April 2013) testosterone was lower than normal range and DHT was around 2100.

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Have you been tested for anemia or thyroid conditions?  What about Celiac disease?  The malnutrition it causes can cause hair loss.  

You could try neem shampoo.  It may give you comfort and make your hair feel thicker.  You may find that arnica gel is soothing and the anti-inflammatory action may help your hair regrow.  You could check your town's water (if you are on city water) to see what they add to it, then filter out the chlorine or whatever.  That may help with the itchy skin.  You could have a zinc deficiency I suppose.  
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Hi Caryopteris,

I have been tested multiple times over the years for thyroid conditions but they always come back within normal range. I don't think I would be anemic as I'm a healthy meat eater. I have a feeling this is hormone based, whether it's extreme fluctuations or accutane affecting DHT levels or just androgen receptor sensitivity kicking in....I'm thinking accutane use delayed and has now sped up my reaction. I've noticed I have increased sensitivity to supplements which is weird; B5 (as Pantethine not pantothenic acid) has an amazing effect on my acne...basically eliminates it, but again, now causes shedding. Evening Primrose helps too and I've been taking it for the last five months, but just stopped because the hair has been getting much worse and it seems to bring back that itch. I believe both impact hormones as well....

How would one diagnose a Zinc deficiency? I was taking 50mg tablets daily and read that without copper this could cause a copper deficiency, so I switched to a mixed supplement.

Funny you should mention Celiac as well, I've been eating gluten free, dairy free, sugar free for about a year now (I do break good form on weekends). I've noticed slightly higher energy levels and its helped with weight loss but nothing else significant.

I will have to grab some arnica and give that a try!

Thank you! :-)
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I am looking for methods to stop hair fall, in last 6 months i have noticed hair loss. Which vitamin can help so that i regain my hair.
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Can you tell me any home based methods to stop hair loss.
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