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Should I be worried?

Hi all,

Firstly a simple question - how many hairs per day are we meant to loose from our head? (different websites say different things, I was hoping that a doctor on this forum could perhaps give a rough estimate of the normal range?)

Secondly, how often are we meant to loose eyebrow hairs?

I am a 21 year old female. I have been noticing hairs falling out in a small patch here and there on my eyebrows every few weeks (sometimes leaving a temporary bald spot for a few weeks until the hairs slowly grow back again). They seem to always grow back, but its not long before they fall out again (its almost like an ongoing growth-fall-out cycle). Is this normal? I also have a little bit of eczema or dermatitis that irritates the area of my eyebrows which comes and goes. My doctor suggested that even though I don't scratch this area, the irritation alone may be causing the hairs to fall out. However, another doctor told me that eczema/dermatitis itself, does not cause hair loss. Which is true?

I also suspect (but I am not entirely sure), that my hair on my head has thinned slightly (enough for me to notice, but not enough for others to notice). I am loosing around 150 hairs in my brush per day, and probably a few more in the shower when I actually wash my hair. I would never count my hair normally but lately I have been a bit concerned. I guess its a fine line between me worrying over nothing, and there actually being a problem.

I had blood work run the other week. I came back with a high testosterone reading (slightly outside the normal range but not dramatically elevated), and also high levels of prolactin (and I am not pregnant). Could this be causing the hair loss?

I would like to know who I should go and see about this issue. My Doctor wasn't sure who to send me to. Should I see a dermatologist? Are there doctors that specialize specifically in hair problems?

I would appreciate any advice, as I am not very educated in the area of hair!

Thank you for your time.

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You should see a dermatologist, Alice.  The eyebrow hair loss is behaving like alopecia, but the head hair loss isn't.  
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The doctor you need to see is called an endocrinologist - a doctor of hormones.  You didn't mention your prolactin or testosterone levels, but prolactin can go up with the slightest stressor.  But if it goes a little higher than would be expected with stress, the docs like to retest.    Testosterone, even if only slightly elevated, suggests an imbalance.
Read about PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).  This will introduce you to the world of hormone imbalances.  And yes, you also might benefit from seeing a dermatologist first.

Good luck!
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