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What it is? dozens of doctors and no clue

I need urgent and scientific help. My partner has a very severe illness of hairy part of his skin on his head. His mental shape is catastrophic and he keeps saying every day about suicide and jumping from the window of our 10th floor apartment. I fear that he may really do it. Men in his family, from father and mother side, were never bald. And my partner had no signs of baldness. But one day during holidays in Turkey he went out of swimming pool with pimples and pustules on his chest. This pimples and pustules expanded on his face and finally on his scalp. And stayed on his scalp for some weeks. The whole story You have further down in detail. The fact is that he started to loose hair irregularly on the top of his head. We have photographed a lot. On the skin there were small pimples after several months there are red dots. The hair actually is not falling in numbers, but rather disappears, sort of like it dissolves. We have visited dozens of doctors in Poland, including the Dermatologic Clinic of the main Warsaw Medical University and nobody knows what it is. Lichen planus has been diagnosed but several findings are against these theory. I think that this is kind of infection, perhaps bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, parasites, because small similar changes were identified on the head of my partner’s son. Please help us, because the condition of my partner’s head is deteriorating and it looks that it spreads on other people and doctors in Poland are so week and neglecting that we have no other hope: only You could help us. Please treat it seriously.

20 Aug 2012 Turkey
Pustules pimples on the head, face and upper torso.

09 Nov2012
Diagnosis: Folliculitis skin
Medications: Davercin, Aknemycin plus Physiogel

20 Dec 2012
Diagnosis: Seborrhea head
Medications: Acnosan liquid Stieprox shampoo - not to buy.

18 Jan 2013
Medications: Clobex, Diprosalic, Atrederm, Skinoren, Effaclar Duo

31 Jan 2013 after using these drugs suddenly baldness

05 Feb 2013
Diagnosis: acute seborrheic
Medications: Loxon, pyrrole

27 Feb 2013
Further alopecia

09 Mar 2013
Medications: Withdrawal Loxon, pyrrole, Aknenormin

terribly dry skin

23 Mar 2013
Medications: Withdrawal of pyrrole, Dose reduction Aknenormin

08 Apr 2013
Diagnosis: Lichen planus pilaris
Medications: Diprosalic

10 Apr 2013
Taking a sample for testing

23 Apr 2013
Biopsy taken by punch
A skin fragment with an apparent irregular Acanthosis epidermis. In the dermis, visible only mild inflammatory infiltration of lymphoid cells around vessels. Within the visible melangofagi infiltration. Image nonspecific. In sent in the material showed no signs of lichen planus.

29 Apr 2013
Medications: Withdrawal Diprosalic introduction Beloderm.

04 May 2013
Diagnosis: alopecia diffusa
Medications: Potion: Trae Trae Capsici Chinaâ 8.0 2.0 8.0 Resorcini
Spir.Vini 70%

12 May 2013

haircut at 3mm and see CONDITION tragic.

14 May 2013
Diagnosis: Bacterial inflammation
Medications: two mixtures and a strong antibiotic.

28 May 2013
Mixture potion: Rezorcini, Ac Salicylici 2.0, 1.0 Mentholi, Te Capsici 10.0, Spirit Vini 70% ad 100.0 Mt Sol.

1 Jul 2013
two ointments, cannot remember what.

14 Oct 2013
Dermatological Clinic of the Warsaw Medical University
two great pieces from the scalp taken.

12 Nov 2013
Dermatological Clinic of the Warsaw Medical University
Receiving the test results:
Examination of tissue - direct immunofluorescence - DIF
Diagnosis: Examination of tissue negative Ig classes: IgG IgA IgM C3
Histopathological diagnosis: Lichen planus Section does not contain hair follicles!

14 Nov 2013
Lichen Planus
Tetracycline, Advantan

14 Nov 2013
Lichen Planus confirmation of the diagnosis
steroid treatment
Metypred - of decreasing 4,3,2,1.
Diprosalic ointment on the head

01 Dec 2013
After treatment with steroids huge amount of pustules

05 Dec 2013
Consultation photographs. Photographs taken about every 3 weeks. To say that from the beginning of May alopecia is not expanded nor diminished.
Epiduo - lubrication head

08 Jan 2014
Consultation, no change.
Protopic head lubrication
The introduction of UV irradiation of the head lamps

17 Jan 2014
Consultation: it cannot be atopic ... it actually looks like lichen planus. The question is whether stress factors were strong because it releases the LP. Surprised that the hospital did not consult the mucosa. A look at the mucosa and say that, however, LP. A look at the nails. Bottom line, it actually looks on the LP, it does not look for anything else. Keep current treatment.

08 Jan 2014 – 28 Feb 2014 UV light exposure

07 Mar 2014
Elidel - Lubrication 2 day
A-Derm - Lubrication every 5 days
Tetralysal - 1 day

24 Mar 2014
Research from the collected allergic skin allergens showed no nothing: milk, white, yolk, casein, soy, rice, cocoa, apple, carrots, flour, all zero.
Morphological all normal.
The search in the field of acute autoimmune aggression.
Elidel - alternating with: Daktarin gel - Sulfasalazine - 2 x 2

10 Apr 2014
In the case of the graft. the need for hair transplant about 2500-3000. It's so much that you need to do strip technique. But after examination it turned out that weak hair, skin so awful that not fit even for a transplant.

22 Aug 2014
The family doctor - a last resort.
I do not remember what I was loaded, but it was a monthly antibiotic therapy directed at my idea, it was something of a bacterial, viral, generally invasive.

28 Aug 2014
some shampoos to clean the head hairy skin from red pimples

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