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alopecia and ect

Is there anyone who knows if there is an association between alopecia and electroconvulsive therapy?
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Hi....I came across your question because I have the same problem....I'm 25 and had 30 ect treatments about 2 years ago and I'm losing my hair like crazy. The drs don't have answers which is frustrating. I've tried rogain about a month ago but no luck yet
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I Also have severe hair loss. I had very thick healthy hair. I had 12 ECT treatments in 4 weeks during March and April of this year, 2018. My hair continues to fall out every day. I have lost over half my hair. I have severe memory loss still. I lose memory every day. I am more depressed and suicidal than before. I swear profusely now and didn't before. My anxiety is through the roof. I actually woke up during at least 1 ECT session. Number 2. I am angry all the time. I can't believe I did this. I was excited to have the treatments. I believed they would be my saving grace. It has made me markedly worse. I'm frustrated that I will never get better. I had 11 years of memory loss. I didn't recognize my own son or husband. I had to have hypnosis to regain those memories. This has traumatized me.
I also sweat like a pig all the time and did not before the ECT. Headaches. Nightmares. White flashes of light. Light sensitivity. The list goes on.

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