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Acne & Vulgaries

I am age of 26, facing Acne & Vulgaries grade 2 in Chest and neck. Tried Azithomicine and Flucloxacin with Erithromicine Lotion for 3 weeks as per Rx of doctor, but it recurrs just one week after stopping antibiotic. What could be the best treatment for this problem?
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"“The influence of diet on the induction and aggravation of acne has been a matter of intense debate over the last few years. The pioneering observation by Cordain et al. (1), who demonstrated that acne is a disease of Western civilization and is absent in populations consuming Palaeolithic diets without refined sugars, grains, milk and dairy products, resulted in a paradigm change.”

“We have to appreciate that milk is a species-specific endocrine signalling system that activates a central signalling node in cellular metabolism for stimulation of growth and cell proliferation…”

“The endocrinological changes in milk signalling are thus comparable to the endocrinology of puberty.”

“Acne should be regarded as a … disease of civilization, like obesity, type 2 diabetes and cancer induced by Western diet.”

So there you have it. Change to a diet free of high glycemic foods, grain, or milk and (assuming you don’t have some underlying medical condition that is causing acne) the acne may clear up if these recent studies are correct."

Excerpt from Cure Acne Vulgaris or Pimples Naturally
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Well, of course, from archaeological digs, these people did eat grains and high glycemic foods such as tubers, starchy foods such as cassava and taro, honey, lots of fruit, so while they didn't get their refined sugars they did get their sugar where they could.  They were also mostly dead by age 26, so who knows?  What we do know about modern humans is that we have changed, so it's hard to know what an appropriate diet is now and for whom.  I would agree not to eat dairy or refined sugar, but don't know if they have anything to do with your acne.  I do know that if you continue to use antibiotics, it will further kill off your beneficial flora in your intestinal tract, leaving you more vulnerable to this bacterial problem, so the first thing is to try taking a good multi-spectrum probiotic found in the refrigerated section of the best health food store around you.  But other than that, to see if diet is a problem, you have to go further and see if you don't have some food intolerances or allergies, which would take some experimentation with a holistic nutritionist.  An elimination diet would cut you down to a very basic diet, such as brown rice, green vegetables, and fish, say, and then add back in one at a time the foods you normally eat to see if some or one of them is causing you to have this problem.  There are also natural antibiotics you can use that won't kill off your beneficial flora, such as tea tree oil and neem oil.  A naturopath might help you with this.  It can also be hormonal or stress related, at least in part.  So you have a lot you can try to see if something will stick.  Good luck.
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Have you tried zinc?  I had a friend who was about to be married who had so much bad acne.   I suggested zinc and her face was clear by her wedding day.  -  

My second husband also had bad acne and it cleared up with Zinc.
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do I need to eat zinc? and what would be the dose?
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Zinc is a supplement - comes in a pill and you follow directions on the bottle.  The bottle of 50 mg. says to take one a day with a meal.

Best wishes
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If I have  Acne Cheloidalis Nuchae, then what could be the best treatment?
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