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Acupuncture for azoospermia

My husband was recently diagnosed with azoospermia with high FSH of 29.5 (range: 1.5-12.4), LH of 20.9 (1.7-8.6), Prolactin 425 (86.0-324.0), Testosterone 11.6 (9.9-27.8).  I've read several articles stating that acupuncture could be used to lower FSH Levels and therefore my husband decided to go for it.  He did five sessions and the acupuncturist advised him to take some tests to check whether there is any change at all in the results.  My husband took the tests about 30mins after his fifth session and his hormone levels went sky high.  His FSH shot up to 80, LH went up to 34, Prolactin went down to 324 and Testosterone went down to 1.6.  We were really shocked but when we asked our acupuncturist, he told us that we were supposed to wait a little before we took the tests.  After two weeks my husband went for the tests again and this time results were a bit better but are still very high.  His FSH is now 46.  The acupuncturist told us that benefits of acupuncture are experienced long-term and therefore at present we may not get the most accurate results.

Has anyone had acupuncture treatment for male infertility and does anyone know how long we should wait before my husband takes the tests again in order to get accurate results?
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Omega 3
The fattier the fish, the better  because the same fatty acids that make fish such healthy choices for everything from your heart to your eyes to your brain are also positively critical to your fertility.

The omega-3 fatty acid (DHA) is one of the building blocks of sperm a study on mice shows how it's also a key part of the acrosome, which is what enables the sperm to penetrate the egg.

When the mice were denied DHA, they produced fewer sperm and the ones they did create were misshapen, rendering them infertile.

But when DHA was put back into their diets, they began to produce again.
Human studies have also shown how high levels of these essential fatty acids can boost fertility.
One study found that fertile men tended to have higher blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids, while infertile men had higher levels of omega-6 fatty acids.
And with diets heavy in grain fed animals most of us get less of the omega-3s and far more of the undesirable omega-6 fatty acids.
Switch to fresh all-natural grass-fed meats.

Omega-3 fatty acids aren't the only answers. Male fertility  and studies have shown that high levels of vitamin D can boost the speed and forward motion of sperm, an essential trait called motility.
Other studies show that junk food, soda and the BPA used to line canned goods (including soda cans) can slash sperm levels.
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Thanks for the advice.  We try to eat healthy as much as possible.  The problem is that I think my husband has some kind of genetic disorder which has affected his fertility.  We decided to go for acupuncture to see whether it could at least help us lower his FSH level.  He has been taking various supplements as well - vitamin c, cod liver oil with vitamin d and zinc.

So hopefully everything that we are doing helps to improve our chances of conceiving at least with ivf because at the moment our chances are very minimal.
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