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Alternative Therapies for BV

Since I'm uninsured, will someone please offer some advice on home remedies for BV?   Thank you.
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It’s important to remember that when using natural remedies for bv, it isn’t a one size fits all.  There's no exact dosages to follow, some guidelines from  thousands of people that have experienced success with this form of treatment.  Also, because everyone’s body is different, a treatment that worked for one person may not do the same for another.  Do your best to  keep trying different things until they work.

Here are some popular treatments you can try. Many women have found success. Apple cider vinegar can help to fight off the bacteria.
applying some directly to your vagina. dilute a small amount in your bath water.  You can experiment with different amounts, but a common number is a half cup of vinegar in your bath.
Another ingredient is tea tree oil, known as melaleuca oil. You can buy this at your health food store. Follow the directions.
The probiotic formulas from Yarrow and Nature's Way, which are available in just about any health food store. Start using soap that is unscented and
be sure to clean the shower or tub. Don't use over the counter creams or douches while using natural remedies these can upset the balance and will have an impact on your natural treatment.
No drinking alcohol or smoking  these create acidic buildup in the body.  These are thought to be the root cause of bv.
Starting eating more green vegetables and take a vegetable supplement.
Cut out as many processed foods as you can.
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Insert live natural (not flavoured) yogurt and leave for about one hour.
Drink plenty of warm water. Drink aloe vera juice.
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Thanks to both of you for your comments.
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What you need to do is kill of the bacteria first, then replenish the beneficial flora that died off that allowed the harmful bacteria to get a foothold.  If the beneficial flora are home, bacteria can't find anyplace to lodge.  A good combination of flora for that particular should include reuteri -- most formulas don't.  I think Gymdandee meant to say Jarrow, not Yarrow as the company above, but Nature's Way does make a good reuteri formula.  The best probiotic company is Natren, though it doesn't make one with reuteri.  If I had a bacterial infection I'd probably do some Healthy Trinity despite the cost for at least awhile.  Only buy refrigerated from a good quality health food store.  Natural antibiotics include goldenseal, raw garlic, colloidal silver, and others -- you need to do some research here.  Applying externally, as suggested, might not get to the source of the infection, whereas taking them internally gets into the bloodstream.  Some of the above seems to be thinking you have a yeast infection, but if it's bacterial it isn't yeast, which is a fungus.  Pure cranberry and uva ursi are good at preventing bacteria from lodging in the urinary tract, which is often how this gets into the vagina.  As for yoghurt, it usually doesn't contain live organisms, and is very weak compared to supplements unless you're making it yourself from raw milk, which is unlikely!  Personally, I'd see a good naturopath -- they're good at this sort of thing, and this often is the result of the overuse of antibiotics or corticosteroids killing off the beneficial flora.  Remember that sugar and simple carbs attract this sort of bacteria as well as yeast.  Good luck.
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