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I was diagnose having hepa C virus as early as December 21, 2000while undergoing routine company medical check-up.
Hepatitist C Antigen Test was taken on July 30, 2001 and with result of "Positive for the presence of HC-RNA.”
Conbination Therapy of Interperon and rebairin was made for 4 months and Hepatitist PCR Assay Test was performed on April 25, 2002 where the result was "HCV-RNA not detected".
Another Hepatitist PCR Assay Test was conducted on September 9, 2002 with result of only 58,900 IU/mL (Note: > 800,000 Ui/ml - HIGH / < 800,000 UI/ml -LOW)"
However, HCV-RNA Viral Load (Quantitative) Test was conducted again on July 4, 2003 with result : HCV-RNA Detected Greater than 850,000 IU/mL.
this was repeated on July 25, 2005 with same result.
I was subsequently treated with Pegasys 180 mcg SQ, Rebavirin 200N6/Tab 2 TA , TID and Phosphatisylcholine2 caps TID. Conversely, my medications were witheld on the 8th week due leukopenia and decreaselevel of Absolute Neutrophic Count.  Thus,  Geno typing was conducted on December 29, 2006 with result: Genotype 1.
I get this from my past medical records
Recently I have RNA Viral result that was validated May 25, 2012. My Test Results shows 9,822,742 IU/ml  ( HCV RNA Viral Load detection limit: 25 - 391,000,000 IU/mL)
I was advice to undergo again the  Pegasys / Revabirin Combination therapy.
I am quite anxious and contemplating to use alternative method of treatment or Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Thank you very much,
Jun Parcon
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I know of no cure for this problem, but there are some natural treatments that sometimes help with recurrent viruses (there are also natural substances that can help protect the liver).  Herb Pharm makes a tincture that many have found useful in preventing flareups of recurrent viruses.  You might look on their website or call them and see what they say.
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Thank you for the comment
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