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Alzheimer's diseaes

what is the easy cure for Alzheimer's diseases?
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there are no effective patent medicine treatments for it. Sure, there are TV commercials advertising a specific patent medicine for people who’ve been diagnosed with “moderate” Alzheimer’s but what those ads don’t tell you is that even though the medicine is
“approved,” studies show that it’s marginally effective at best.
Besides, glamorous or not, prevention is always better than treatment.
Obviously, the earlier you start, the greater your chances of avoiding Alzheimer’s, but no
matter how old you are, your chances of ending your life in an Alzheimer’s daze will decrease dramatically if you take the following steps—starting today.
the mineral lithium can reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
Basically, it’s best to use as much organic, “free-range” food as you can afford. And if you drink coffee or tea, make sure you only buy the organic versions: Commercially grown coffee and tea are some of the most pesticide and herbicide contaminated crops in the world. Also be sure your drinking water is as pure as possible. Filter out chlorine and other additives, and if possible fluoride, too, although that requires more expensive technology.
Beyond the basics of healthy diet, there are three more items to consider with the “Good stuff in” portion of this ultimate Alzheimer’s prevention program. The first is incredibly simple and (at least for now) relatively inexpensive. buy some turmeric—the orangeyellow
spice used in curries and other ethnic cooking. Research has found that curcumin (a major component of turmeric) has specific actions that can reduce risk of Alzheimer’s disease—and may even be useful as treatment.
unless you’re allergic to it (which is rare), use as much of it in your own cooking as you can. For your budget’s sake, try the whole turmeric in your cooking first.
it goes well with eggs, stews, soups, a variety of animal proteins, potatoes—the possibilities are nearly endless. But if you absolutely can’t stand the taste, both whole turmeric and curcumin are available in capsules (though capsules are more expensive).
Next is niacinamide. Researchers from the University of California, Irvine, discovered that
niacinamide successfully treated—in fact, REVERSED—early Alzheimer’s
disease in experimental animals. They noted a very significant decrease (60 percent) in tau protein in the animals’ brain cells.
take 50-100 milligrams a day if there’s no history of type 2 diabetes in your family. If type 2
diabetes does run in your family, or if you already have it yourself, consider taking 500-1,000 milligrams daily.
                 7 steps away from an Alzheimer’s-free future
1) Excellent diet: Eat as many organic foods as your budget allows, but be
sure to opt for organic coffee and/or tea.
2) Exercise: Try for AT LEAST 30-45 minutes of walking three times a week.
3) Detoxification: Chelation testing and therapy can help you determine and,
if necessary, eliminate build-up of toxic heavy metals in your body. Adding
in more strenuous exercise sessions (ones that work up a good sweat) will
decrease your Alzheimer’s risk even further by helping you eliminate other
chemicals from your fat cells. If strenuous exercise isn’t possible, far infrared
saunas can offer the same detoxification benefits.
4) Turmeric: Use as much of this spice in your own cooking as possible. If you
can’t stand the taste, opt for turmeric or curcumin capsules instead (though
be forewarned that they are more expensive).
5) Supplements:
Lithium 10-20 milligrams a day (as well as 1 tablespoon of fish oil)
Niacinamide, 50-100 milligrams daily if you don’t have a family history of
type 2 diabetes; 500-1,000 milligrams daily if type 2 diabetes does run in
your family, or if you have it yourself.
6) Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy: This goes for both men and
women. Beginning a program to replace the gender-specific hormones
your own body isn’t producing as efficiently with bio-identical versions can
go a long way in keeping you Alzheimer’s-free
7) Thyroid supplementation: Like BHRT, supplementing with whole thyroid
can help keep your cognitive function sharp well into your golden years.
Exercise, healthy organic eating, and using turmeric are all things you can
do on your own—starting today. But you will need help with detoxification with
chelation, supplementing with lithium, niacinamide, thyroid, and with BHRT. If
you aren’t already seeing a a physician skilled and knowledgeable in natural medicine,
You can check the following to find ALTERNATIVE HEALTH RESOURCES
American Academy of Environmental Medicine, Tahoma Clinic, American Association of
Naturopathic Physicians, International College Integrative Medicine.
You can google each of the previous for the phone #
1663595 tn?1303411887
There is really no known cure, but try to keep the brain as active as possible. (crosswords, trivia, reading and listening to the news or reading the paper keeps the mind occupied). You really don't want to sit idle because it will progress. I think there is a pill out there called Aricept and i see commercials on tv about it but i am not sure what it does to help.
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