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Apple Cider Vinegar

I didn't know what topic to post this under.  But basically Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)...has been a miracle drink for me.  Type in Apple Cider Vinegar benefits on your web browser and read about all the things it is good for.
I have been drinking it for over a year...it has cleared up toenail fungus, helped me to poop everyday (I only pooped 1 time a week before)...I have not gotten a cold, flu or virus, I have been told by others that my skin complexion has a glow, known to keep the body in check to deter cancer...I can not even believe the fact that I poop everyday!
You have to get the kind of vinegar that has the mother in it...and mix it with honey for the taste.  Drink 1-2 shot glasses daily and you will really see the results.  We (my boyfriend and I) mix up a batch weekly...We have a glass quart jar...1/4 vinegar, 1/4 honey and the rest warm water...shake, shake shake.  Then it mixes well....put in fridge and do your shots daily...it cures all kinds of things...acts like an antibiotic etc...Google it...see if it fixes what ales you.
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The Top 10 Natural Heartburn Relievers

(1) Raw-potato juice: Rinse off a potato and toss it, with the peel still on, into a juicer. Drink the juice immediately.

(2) Fresh papaya: At the first sign of heartburn, try eating some fresh papaya WITH the seeds. There are enzymes in the tropical fruit that help break down food. You can also keep a bottle of papaya tablets around to accomplish the same thing.

(3) Fresh pineapple: Like papaya, pineapple is packed with an enzyme that aids digestion by helping to break down food.

(4) Vinegar: fix yourself a vinegar tonic by mixing a tablespoon of apple-cider vinegar into a glass of water to sip during your meal.

(5) Fennel seed mix 2 tbsp. into about a cup of boiling water. Let the mixture steep for several minutes to make a tea to sip on.

(6) Rhubarb: Slice off a piece of rhubarb stalk and chew on it for a few minutes. It will be sour, but many swear by its ability to sooth the burn.

(7) Anise seed:  your spice rack  grab a few anise seeds to chew on.

(8) Fresh parsley: Nibble on the fresh sprig to relieve indigestion.

(9) Aloe-vera Juice: your local natural-food store. (If you’re diabetic, however, be careful with Aloe-vera juice as it may lower your blood-sugar levels.)

(10) Peppermint:  pick it up at the grocery store. Chew on the fresh leaves at the first hint of heartburn. Natural peppermint tea works too.
by A. Wessendorf
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you do know it's also good for heart burn. I take it straight up 3x per week
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that's heartburn :>)
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yes its good stuff I use it to take the itch out of hives I get ..it doesnt cure them though ....
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Often when people have indigestion they take an antacid. But the indigestion is more often due to lack of sufficient stomach acid than too much, so an antacid serves to worsen the condition. The apple cider vinegar solved your slow digestion by adding the acid you lacked.
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P.S. talking about apple cider vinegar I make  great Turkey using apple cider vinegar
If anyone would like the recipe just leave me a note.
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I bet it would make a good turkey.  However, I cook as little as possible, on Christmas...I'm staying home and having frozen Sarah Lee, Dutch Apple Pie with cool whip.
I didn't realize how many apples I ingest.  But no joke, the ACV is the best thing for almost everything.
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I eat a lot of apples,wonder if it has the same effect or is it something in the fermenting process ?
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Marg, apples are healthy but it's the fermentation
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