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Astragalus or Pau D'Arco for Herpes Suppression?

Has anyone attempted to use Astragalus or Pau D'Arco as an alternative to Valtrex as a suppression therapy for HSV 2? Is so was any blood work done to check anti-body load for effectiveness? I have read each of these exhibit antiviral properties against HSV 1/2. The issue seems to be that their is limited studies as to the true effectiveness.

Hoping someone can comment.
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I haven't seen the research, but neither of these are primarily anti-viral so I'd doubt they would work.  I repeat, I haven't seen the research.  But when I was in the natural medicine biz managing health food stores, my training from herbalists, nor the herbals I've owned, did not use either of these as anti-virals.  Astragalus is primarily used for boosting the immune system and Pao D'Arco as an anti-fungal, particularly against candida albicans.  There are many herbs which have been used primarily as anti-virals, including St. John's Wort, ofive leaf, elderberry, and others.  Two that have been used explicitly for herpes are the amino acid L-lysine and the herb melissa (or lemon balm).  Herb Pharm had an anti-viral formula for latent and chronic viruses including herpes with the two main herbs being lomatium (usually thought of as a liver cleanser) and hypericum (St. John's Wort) plus other herbs.  Good luck.
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Right now I take the following once a day:

L-lysine 1000mg
Vitamin D3 2000IU
Zinc 50mg
Bee Propolis 1000mg
Astragalus Root 1500mg

I did read on St. John's Wort, but it seems to be more a mood stabilizer and can not be taken since it would interact with my Citalopram. I am still reading on Elderberry.
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