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Coconut Oil Pulling ~ Anyone Ever Try It?


I was wondering if anyone here has ever tried oil pulling for treating allergies? Also, I was wondering how effective it is for treating allergies?  A woman at my local health food store suggested I try it, instead of using OTC allergy medications.  I've been taking 2 Coconut Oil softgels daily, plus my usual dose of antihistamines.  I love the coconut oil because of the boost it gives me, but would really like to get away from the antihistamines because it drops my energy level, basically I want to replace the allergy meds...
I'd appreciate any advice :)

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Oil pulling helps against gingivitis, plaque, and microorganisms that cause bad breath.  I do it every morning.
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So, it works great for an oral rinse; that's something I just might try.  
Have you ever noticed it working or being effective for congestion?
Or do you have any suggestion on what I might try to replace antihistamines with?
Thanks for the advice btw...
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Can you folks tell us what oil "pulling" is?  As far as the antihistamine question, I don't know if coconut oil has any of those properties -- it didn't when I managed health foods stores, but that was a while ago.  There are many natural antihistamines I do know about, such as freeze dried nettles, combinations of bromelain, Vitamin C and quercitin; scutellaria, or Chinese skullcap -- these are just three of a great many.  But allergies are difficult to treat, as it's an auto-immune disorder -- the things we're allergic to are not usually toxic to us.  It's something wrong with the immune system, and that's not easy to cure.  Most anti-histamines will lose their effectiveness over time.  But nature has provided a lot of them.
Well, from what I've just been reading on the subject, oil pulling has been around for thousands of years as an Indian folk remedy, but has gained popularity in the last decade in western culture as a daily mouthwash.  Like gymdandee mentioned earlier, it helps against harmful bacteria (etc.).  Supposedly, people who use it claim it works wonders for oral hygiene and improves their immune system. That's all I know about the subject; I think gymdandee would be the local expert here.  Maybe he'll share more info? :)
Thank you for your reply Paxiled; it looks like I'll be sticking w/ antihistamines for awhile and will be increasing my dose of coconut oil.  
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Pax, I've doing it a number of years! Now I don't know if it's only because of genetics. But I have all my teeth I do have some fillings and I try to floss after every meal depending on my location.

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