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Electric Current and Human Body

Dear Sir,
I am applying electric current to my body regularly for last 7 months. I started form a voltage source of 5 volts and know I use a voltage source of 130 volts. I feel more energetic and sexualy strong when I do this. My question is that what are impacts of doing this on my body in short and long term. Should I continue doing this. Please advise
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No, you should not continue this.

Electrical currents can both heal and destroy. Under certain circumstances they can stop infections and in other cases cause malignancies.

It is not only the voltage, but the amperage and in particuliar the frequency.

Even with low voltages, if applied across the body, the heart can go into ventricular fibrillation, which will result in death if medical aid is not nearby.

I have been involved in medical testing of high voltage, to a million volts modulated to the calcium frequency with no amperage to treat infections, with good results, but this is no place for an amateur.  The electricity is administered in special rooms similar to those used by Nikoli Tesla.
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Electical "stimulation" machines were popular during the 1900's in the United States. Following a series of electrocutions, they were banned for sale.

Any current flowing from one hand to the other creates a grave risk of inducing ventricular fibrillation. That's why stun guns have the electrodes close to each other.

It is important to have extremely low amperage.

With high voltage treatment there is no sense of a shock.  It is like a bird sitting on a power line. In the dark, the skin will sent off fingers of electricity and anywhere there is infection will glow. I took about forty treatments, mostly for the purposes of assisting a patient within the chamber being treated for prostatic cancer. We have had good results in some cases. None in other.  The electricity completely eliminated a long-standing sinus infection I had, as well as an infected toe that was a candidate for amputation.

Little fingers of electricity develop all over your body.  An visible blue aura, if you like. The room is kept to a high humidity.

In an hour of exposure to high voltage you lose fluid. About five pounds worth for a two hundred pound man. And it is wise to well hydrate and to drink electrolytes when you are in the chamber.

The high-voltage electricity induces sleepiness. Originally these machines were marketed for purposes of anaesthesia.

You can throw "lightening bolts" with your fingers, producing a small shock, if you care to amused.

We have been using this machine to treat encapsulated malignancies, some of which have disappeared. Others show no response.
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Caregiver222, a bird siting on a power line doesn't feel a shock because the power line is insulated and if the insulation was removed the bird or person has to be grounded to be shocked. as for you john110110 don't be applying electric current to your body as Caregiver222 said you can go into ventricular fibrillation and also destroy nerve endings.
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