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I have suffered from fibromyalgia for years.  I have been taking vitiman B6/B-12 shots, and  they help me with the pain of the disease. I"ve been trying to find out where to buy the B-6, I already have the B-12. Can anyone let me know if there is somewhere to buy B-6.  Also, Rodex Forte is good for the off days, so I need to buy that also.


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Aching in your muscles and joints and fatigue. It hurts you to get out of the chair, also fatigued.You wake up tired and go to bed tired. Your head always feels tired.
Complaints of fatigue and joint pains are,unfortunately, very common. fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by muscular aches and pains, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. It is much more common in women, and it can be debilitating. Many conventional medical doctors do not think that fibromyalgia exists. In fact, many patients who believe
they have this condition are often derided by their doctors. One reason many conventional doctors do not think fibromyalgia is a “real” condition is that no specific medication is effective for treating this illness. Some medications do help lower the symptoms of
fibromyalgia. These include analgesics such as Tylenol and Motrin. Some doctors will prescribe antidepressant medications, although there are many adverse effects.
Anti-seizure drugs are the conventional treatment for fibromyalgia. These include Neurontin and Lyrica. Nobody really knows how these medications treat the symptoms (particularly the aches and pains) of fibromyalgia. These medications can help some
individuals with fibromyalgia. But these drugs also have serious side effects. Lyrica, the first FDA-approved drug to treat fibromyalgia, has been associated with severe allergic
reactions that can cause angioedema — swelling of the throat, head, and neck, resulting in airway compromise. Furthermore, Lyrica can promote weight gain, sleepiness,
dry mouth, and brain fog. Finally all seizure medications, including Lyrica, can
increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
When you look at the adverse effects of Lyrica, I think it should be used as a last resort. most patients with fibromyalgia have endocrine disruptions, including hypothyroidism. It's virtually impossible to treat fibromyalgia effectively without ensuring a properly functioning thyroid gland.
One of the most common hormone deficiencies that can cause or exacerbate fibromyalgia is growth hormone.Growth hormone is secreted from the pituitary gland. Like all hormones, growth hormone levels peak at a young age and decline as we get older. Growth hormone is one of the master hormones of the body. It can control the release and
balance of the other endocrine glands
Growth hormone can be given only by injection. It is a bioidentical hormone. There are supplements which are reported to stimulate the release of growth hormone.
those supplements has been mixed at best. They are expensive and do not work nearly as well as the real thing: growth hormone.
Growth hormone therapy can be miraculous. more than 80 percent of patients who try
human growth hormone have a positive experience with it.  From what I read more than 17 years of using low-dose human growth hormone has shown very little adverse effects associated with its use.
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This is a specific question for a doctor, since injections are pharmaceutical products, not the stuff you buy in the stores to be taken internally.  They also can only be administered legally by certified medical personnel.  I'm a little confused about the B6 injections.  B12 can boost energy and I understand that one, but B6 can be toxic in large doses and actually cause some of the kind of pain suffered by people with fibromyalgia, so that one has to done more carefully.  At any rate, though we all know these things can be purchased and administered illegally from foreign countries, a shot is not a supplement.  We can help you with pills sold OTC, but not with medical injections.
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