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I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I've tried all of the meds they are currently prescribing for this.  Has anyone tried alternative treatment for this?  If so, did it work for you?
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scroll down to the question asked about fibromyalgia and my comment
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Can't speak for me personally, but I managed health food stores for 18 years, and of course in the early days we were the only place people could go since docs weren't recognizing this as a disease.  This disease, along with CFS and yeast overgrowth and ciliac disease, there are a lot of these illnesses that take the allopathic medical community a lot longer than the alternative medical community to take seriously.  So there are a lot of theories out there, and a lot of treatments.  Many are hokum, and many have no way to prove effectiveness, but what I can tell you is not that I saw anyone cured, but I did see people get stronger by altering their diets and lifestyles.  Because they did this in so many different ways I can't tell you which is better, but I can tell you that a stronger body and a stronger more balanced immune system and a diet loaded with the most important nutrients and antioxidants and minus the most common foods associated with inflammation and fatigue can only help.  I would suggest that you begin by reading; by now there are many books on fibromyalgia.  Then I would try to find a holistic nutritionist and a naturopath who can help guide you, since the community of alternative practitioners has been scattered due to the monopoly power of Whole Foods and the growth of the industry.  Then pick something and try it; if it doesn't help, try something else.  Use what you like from allopathy, use what you like from alternative medicine.  It's a hard road, but it's the only one I've seen where people actually get stronger.  Good luck and good hunting.  
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I too was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about three years ago.  I no longer have any symptoms by using a combination of magnetic therapy and bioidenticals hormones.  I also have a wheat allergy and staying away from that helps too.
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Hi!My boss, Master Nikhil Nair cured his own chronic fatigue with a system called EmoFlo and would like to help people like you. There are no drugs or any medication involved, just a few minutes of your time each day and its free. If you'd like more information, I could get you in touch with him. If you want more information also, please contact me.
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