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I was recently diagnosed with internal hemmorhoids.  How can I make them stop bleeding?  Every time I poop now the water is clouded with blood.  My dr put me on anucort and lactulose.  Help!!
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There are some natural things you can try.  Planetary Formulas makes a product called Horse Chestnut cream, and they also make a horse chestnut/witch hazel based formula to take internally, as does Herb Pharm.  The herbs in these formulas help to strengthen the blood vessel walls.  The other thing is, don't strain when you go, and dietary changes that make it easier to go, such as adding a fiber supplement, may help.  Good luck.
Your advice on Horse Chestnut Cream sounds good and I will try it also, but even when you don´t strain just the movement of pooping causes bleeding also.  I never was constipated before only during pregnancy and usually it ended a couple of weeks later or less.  And prior to these hemorrhoids, I was going expelling feces three times a day, every time I had a meal.
In your case, you might have the opposite problem, going too often.  Maybe something in your diet or your emotional state that is causing it.  Or it's just the way you are.  But if you are going easily without having to push it shouldn't be causing the 'roids.  So again, don't strain and see if there's something in your diet that makes you have to go more than perhaps you once did.  But you know, sometimes stuff just happens.  Nobody gets out of this life without something going wrong.  Hope you find a fix to it.
Should add, many medications mess up the digestive system.  
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Is it a pill form?
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One is a cream for external the other a pill oral.
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This question was apparently entered twice. In the latter entry I offer a treatment. It is a cure I discovered by accident.
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Increase coconut oil into your diet, drink more H20. I wish u well!!
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This is a serious medical problem. You have already been diagnosed with the problem. Do not pass go. Do not collect two hundred dollars. In the meantime drink plent of fluids and use a small amount of metamucil each day to soften the stool. Even though the blood loss is small people have died from long-term bleeds from hemorrhoids. The answer is surgical intervention. Not herbal supplements. They have several excellent inexpensive  procedures available. Freezing them with very cold liquid, laser, cauterizing, surgical removal and ligature. All methods have and excellent safety record. The problem is not going to get better. It is going to get worse. Get it resolved.
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This is the reply I posted on your other entry:

Hemorroids and varicose veins are related conditions. I suffered the latter. At their worst I had a sac of purple stagnant blood on each ankle, The skin was paper thin and on the verge of ulcerating. It was a horrible sight.

It was quite by accident that I found a cure. At some point I added liquid trace minerals to my drinking water because I didn't want to be bothered with pills. I also added BioSil (a bioavailable for of silicon). After about six months I noticed that a large liver spot (the only one I had) disappeared. I made no connection with the new regimen.

After about two years my varicose veins were gone. Totally gone. I researched the additives I was using and it would appear that the effective agent was BioSil, although the trace minerals may have played some part. I have never found this treatment in the literature and have never known anyone whose varicose veins simply disappeared.

Biosil strengthens the vessels. It also is excellent for hair, nails, and skin. A skin condition in my outer ear canals plagued me since my teens, causing periodic infections. That skin is now completely normal and my ears make normal wax.
Sounds good.  I usually buy trace minerals and they have helped prevent constipation.  I will try the Biosil.  I will try to see what freezing hemorrhoids will do.  I have heard a lot of negativity on hemorrhoid surgery.  Will do more research.
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