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Holistic therapy

while durfing on yoga, i came accross a website on Satkriya. I hve read Sat kriya( true identity) in many webseites. The websie mentined bedlow gives a good presentation. It will make a non-believer to do this kriy (practice) and harvest the benefits of holistic therapy. One can start the practice from the first day of reading the article.

It will be a treatment, exercise and meditation. Aff in one.
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This is a short youtube video that shows Sat Kriya being performed.

Baba, the site you linked to has so much useful information! :)  I first heard of the Sat Kriya from a meditation DVD by Ana Brett and Ravi Singh.  I love the Sat Nam Mantra :)
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I thank you for sharing this website. I visited it and saw few videos. They are good. One can learn somehting new.
I have one constraint. I can see the action but i can't here what they say. My heaing aid is incompitable with mechanical sound. So somtimes i miss finer points. I compensate this with reading with more concentration.
I am having dry AMD. so I do not know for how long i could see or read. Magnfying text feature and magnifying glass do help.
Thanks. Keep me informed if you happen to come accross interesting reading matereial.
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