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How I healed my Moccasin Style Athlete's Foot

I healed my moccasin's style athletes foot.
First let me mention that I have tried everything else.. vinegar made it worse, bleach with water (didn't think this was safe, did not penetrate below skin surface, made my feet smell like bleach, and turned them slightly yellow) peroxide (which burned badly) garlic, ( burned my skin),powders with or without corn starch did nothing but feed the fungus), store brand sprays (which made it itch worse)  all the other store brand creams, medications, essential oils etc. and none of them worked. I also used them as directed for the duration of time and still failed.
I was able to heal my moccasin style athlete's foot with the following methods: After washing my feet, I would pack my feet with baking soda and I would leave it on my feet until they were tight and dry the excess skin is removed easier if your feet are desert dry).(If you have bath rugs on your floor; get rid of them, use cheap towels and change them daily)  I then would use a low battery powered dremel with a 120 sander bit to remove excess skin (the bits should be replaced after each use)-( also any sanding was done outside on my back porch.. didn't want that stuff flying around the house). I would re-wash my feet with baby wash and then use a blow dryer on the cool setting until dry. I would apply an undecylenic acid (derived from castor oil) spray (hongo cura) very sparingly (it is a liquid that looks like water. This is very strong and may irritate skin). Afterwards I would apply flexitol cream  with urea to the bottom of my feet to assure the medicine would penetrate well into the thick skin. I sprayed my shoes and flip flops with the hongo cura and kept my feet out as much as possible. I cleaned my  tub with peroxide and then would sprinkle baking soda in it and leave it there until the next shower. I also washed my linens and towels regularly and added peroxide to the wash. I started taking probiotics to add some friendly bacteria to my intestines and drinking lemon water in the am  and eating cucumber salads with dinner to reduce the acid in my body. This took 5 months total and I continued to treat my feet with the flexitol cream for another 5 months to keep away any excess dead skin and to keep my feet smooth.  When my feet were healed, I through out all my linens, towels, bath rugs, and old shoes. I also purchased a mold free bath mat. This whole routine was tedious and expensive but I could not live with problem any longer so I invested the time and the money. I just wanted to share and I hope this may help someone.

If you can see a podiatrist, at least find out what type of fungus you have and you can go from there. Some podiatrist may specialize in compounding a formula specified for your needs
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I can't read all of your post, after " always used as directed"...its not there. Its this mobile I am sure. Don't know if there is another way. Can't scroll your post! Lol I wanted to know what u used! I have stinky feet lol.
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Hm.  Well, I am interested in working on a foot issue that I have on one foot.  I like the baking soda idea---  but you used a sander on your foot?  What about using the non powered sanding things they make for feet to do this like Dr. Scholls?  Would that do the same thing do you think??
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The thing about hand sanding it is that I'm more comfortable with that.  As a woman, I would almost have to ask my husband to help me otherwise.  He handles those tools.  

The other thing I wonder about is if skin will crack much with this.  I have this issue under the areas of the athletes foot as they heal.  They then hurt badly.  
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I got the idea of the dremel from a podiatrist website which recommended a low power battery operated dremel opposed to a plug in which is too powerful. They also mentioned the 120 bits which leave a smooth surface. The foot tools in the store either were similar to a grater which left small scrapes in my skin and caused the infection to spread or smooth surfaces like a pumice that didn't remove anything :( I was so fed up. I tried the dremel on low power and it worked well while not damaging my skin... just removing a layer but yet getting me one step closer to eradicating this nightmare. The spray was my method of anti fungal.

I noticed that wet skin and exfoliation did not work for me. My skin was like rubber. It wouldn't move...My skin wouldn't budge unless the skin was dry and it would flake away like dust

I did have cracking before I started this treatment and I was using the cream by the hongo cura but my feet sweat all the time and the cream did not penetrate well enough through my thick soles. The dremel always kept my feet smooth and the urea in flexitol kept them from drying out.  I ended up choosing the spray which had a higher acid content... and I let the urea cream do the work of helping the medicine penetrate under the skin.

I knew things were getting better when I had to use the dremel less and less.. because that crusty skin just stopped growing back. Once the excess skin was eradicated, the itching stopped and with time my feet were mine again :)
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Thank you so much for all the detailed information . I've been doing part of your process so glad to hear specifics !
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Thanks for sharing your article the in-depth suggestions were really useful - though I think the powered sander was a brave step! I also tried everything, but improving my cleaning regime and taking probiotics I feel certainly helped cure my my infection and kept it away.
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I have been suffering with Moccasin Style Athletes Foot for over six months.  It was diagnosed originally as an allergy reaction, so I treated it with steroid creams.  It continuously got worse and worse, so I quit the steroid creams and went to a podiatrist.  A blacklight revealed my feet were covered in fungus.  He recommended washing feet three times a day with Tea Tree Oil Soap, drying thoroughly and applying yet another steroid cream, and gave me a script for Lamisil.  Hard on the liver, and I have tested positive for Hep C, so I got a liver panel blood test one week into the Lamisil schedule to be sure I wasn't damaging my liver.  When my feet were still sort of oozing, the corn starch was delightful!  Cooling, refreshing and not uncomfortable, I merely patted some on my feet after washing feet with Tea Tree Oil Soap.  They dried up all the moisture on my feet and left them feeling pretty good, although parched.  Tried Vasoline, but learned it thins your skin after prolonged use.  Finally tried Neosporin after a foot bath, and put a large band aid on the bottom of my feet for about a half hour and then aired them out.  But I remembered my mom telling us kids that Apple Cidar Vinegar was a miracle healing agent.  Tried dabbing some on foot with cotton ball, but stung.  So I made a cup of hot water, one tablespoon of Apple Cidar Vinegar and honey or molasses and drank it.  It is not my favorite beverage, but doable.  It turns out that your immune system lives in your gut, so a healthy intestinal tract is a good immune system.  The warm drink acts on the intestines and you will see results the next morning!  Not what I had expected, but welcome none-the-less! As I mentioned, after six months, it has finally turned around.  I can walk and have been stuck in bed for a week now, unable to walk.  Not sure if it was the Lamisil, the vinegar or tea tree oil soap.  But in concert, they work well.
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I've been fighting Moccasin type athletes foot since 2002.  So its going on 15 years now.  Right now I'm soaking my feet in unduluted  Apple Cyder Vinegar (yes it will burn if you have cracked heels). Putting on rubber throw away gloves, and using a green pot scrubber made by Scotch Brite, that I also throw away when done.  I'll soak them at least 20 minutes the first time to get the fungus soft, before scrubbing them.  Let them soak another 20, then scrub again.   It takes a strong moisterizer after I'm done, to keep my feet from drying out again.  I've used tubs of Aquaphor Healing Ointment for a while.  Changed over to Eucerin Intensive repair for a while.  Now I'm trying a mix of Olive oil, and 100% tea tree oil for the last few weeks mixing 50/50.  No, its not totally gone.  But its a lot more managable, and doesn't crack as much now, and I'm only having to soak/scrub once a week now.  Its great to know I'm not the only person on earth stuck with this stuff.  And I'm really happy to see a few of you getting some results/cure without having to take a pill that affects the liver.  I've read a few things some of you done, that I'm going to add to my routine too.
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After looking up the symptoms, I believe I have Moccasin infection. The most noticeable symptom being the insistent itch that cannot be satisfied!  I have had this issue for approx 8 yrs. I've used various creams prescribed by the doctor and one of my feet cleared up but I'm left with the issue on the other foot. I used Cannesten foot cream and an athletes foot gel but this did not make any difference .  In the last 2 weeks or so  I have started soaking my feet in hot water and Juniper oil (or Lavender oil).  I have done this 3 times and when the foot is dry and skin soft, used the metal fork tongued cuticle remover and scraped of the skin. The skin has come away so easily and I notice the skin is so thick and grows quite quickly, so the 3 times I have done this, I've removed what seems like the same amount of skin every time. I have noticed a marked difference in that the bottom of my foot does not look so angry and the itching has abated somewhat. I will carry on this (hopefully) successful regime and let you know how I get on.

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