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Kidney Stone Prevention

Does any know of supplements that could prevent or cure kidney stones? Many thanks for any information you can give.
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There are many types of kidney stones,
the most common is the calcium oxalate stone. The risk of passing another stone is 10% within a year, 35% within 5 years and 50% after that.
One condition associated with renal stones is hyperparathyroidism (a disease in which the parathyroid gland becomes enlarged and overactive,
secreting too much hormone). Your doctor should test for this.
Kidney stones can also be caused by small bowel disease, urinary tract infections, kidney malformations and gout, among other things. Chronic acidosis can produce calcium phosphate stones. If your stone is a calcium oxalate stone, you can
best combat it by: Taking magnesium supplements every day (500 mg. of magnesium citrate/malate twice a day) Eating five servings of vegetables a day
 Avoiding excessive meat in your diet AND Taking 50 mg. of vitamin B6 a day
Your doctor may mistakenly tell you to avoid vitamin C, thinking it will trigger the formation of calcium oxalate crystals in the urine. But this has been proven to be untrue. Just use magnesium ascorbate as your source of vitamin C. One newer study revealed that combining potassium and magnesium reduced the risk of recurrent calcium oxalate stones by 85% over the three years the study was conducted. And conclusive
analysis shows that taking 200 mg. of calcium with each meal dramatically reduces the risk of developing a calcium oxalate stone. That’s because the calcium
combines with the oxalic acid in food, which prevents it from being absorbed.
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Well you have certainly given me a lot to think about. I posed the question because my son-in-law gets recurrent kidney stones. Now I will take your information and pass it on to him.  My daughter and her family live in Estonia and it was from her that I learned of his kidney stone problem when she mentioned he was off to the hospital again. The thought of hospitals immediately turns my mind to alternative medicine, and the hope of more conservative treatment. Many, many thanks.
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The Yog Pranayam  will  help dissolve the kidney stones.
Build up your timing gradually. If you feel tired or dizzy, stop and resume after 1 minute.

Kapalbhati pranayam -(Do it before eating) Push air forcefully out through the nose about once per second. Stomach will itself go in(contract in). The breathing in(through the nose) will happen automatically. Establish a rhythm and do for 20 to 30 minutes twice a day. Not for pregnant women. Seriously ill people do it gently.

The movement of the stomach, stimulates the kidneys, and the extra oxygen going into the blood, helps to boost the body systems.Drink warm water.This works gradually so, allow 4 to 6 weeks.
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Many thanks. This is not the first time you have given helpful answers to my questions.
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The main herb usually used for kidney stones is called, appropriately enough, gravel root, in combination with other herbs.  A product to try is Stone Free by Planetary Formulas.  Herb Pharm makes a tincture to keep the urinary tract clean, though they've changed the names so many times of their combinations I don't know what it's called now.  Go to their website and you should find it.  None of this is to diminish anything said already, though of course, as with anything, who knows what will work in any individual case?  Depends on the severity and the person.   By the way, ally, you sent me a note about eye drops, and that's a new one on me.  Guess I've been away too long.
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Thanks. I will look up the supplement and pass it along to my son-in-law. Glad you got my note. I was originally told by Dr. Hagen on the Eye forum that even if I could produce documentation he would assume it was bogus. (This was some time ago before I had one-year results from my tests.) When someone on that forum asked if the drops were beneficial I passed on my information. It was no surprise that Hagen did not comment on our conversation. I use one of the drops to increase elasticity and permeability. The second drop is the one that clears out the debris. I am very excited by the results.
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i think it better option you add 4-5 glass of water in your daily routine it give you a better prevention for cur kidney stone. use home remedies for dissolving kidney stones
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Magnesium will get rid of kidney stones, and cranberry juice will prevent them.
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