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Natural Treatment of Adrenal Burnout


I've read from alternative doctors that underneath ADHD, panic attacks, CFS, etc. is an adrenal problem and that after treatment, these problems have gone away.

I'd like to know what protocols and supplements have been used in rebuilding the Adrenal Glands.

Thank you.
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That's probably a generalization, probably a big one.  It's also a chicken and egg situation -- does adrenal problem cause anxiety or vice versa?  No way to know, really.  What natural medicine has done historically is take stress conditions and partially treat them by supporting the adrenals.  The current fave of herbs for this right now is ashwagandha, which both supports the adrenals and for some has relaxing qualities.  Eleuthero is another good adrenal support for anxiety, as is, for some, American ginseng, though it also has blood sugar lowering properties so make sure that's not a problem.  The category of herb for this is called adaptogens, and there are a great many of them.  The best known is Chinese ginseng, but it can be stimulating, so isn't usually used where anxiety is the main problem.  Rhodiola is popular with many today, but it too can be stimulating.  Holy basil affects both blood sugar and cortisol production, so is very useful in dealing with an overstimulated adrenal system.  Some people like to take adrenal formulas containing animal adrenal glands -- I've never been partial to this, since animal organs tend to be places where toxins accumulate, as they are in humans, but many do like using organs.  This is a start; more research in books and with a naturopath will lead you to many more, as every part of the world has adaptogenic plants.  Guess nature thought they'd be useful.  As for vitamins, the usual would be a stress B complex, but remember there is a panoply of synergistic minerals and vitamins that go into every bodily process.  Good hunting.
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You have the problem I had. What helped was high doses of B5, adaptogens, and CortisolManager. Before I got the situation under control, I took very small doses of Xanax to abort the panic attacks. I used the Xanax (only on an as needed basis) for a short time only. But it certainly helped..
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How much B5 did you take? I am using that, but not sure if its enough.
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1000 mg. daily. No side effects.
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