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Natural herbs for high BP and hand tremors?

My BP was not that high, but hand tremors interfered with work. Dr put me on a medium extended release dose of beta blocker - it helps, but propranerolo causes hair loss, just like I've read about.

My muscle control is much smoother, but I'd like my hair too.

The tremor might be a left over from Lyme disease. Propranerolo is prescribed for tremors,( not just high BP), not all beta blockers help that I guess.

The adrenal adaptogen herbs I've experimented with didnt do much for tremor or BP.

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I can't say anything about the tremors, as that's usually a neurological issue, not necessarily connected to blood pressure.  There are good herbs that work pretty well for blood pressure, especially if it's not that high.  The linden/mistletoe formula from Herb Pharm worked on virtually everyone who used it when I managed health foods stores.  Hawthorn is the main herb for lowering blood pressure, but herbs work better in combination that singly.  Lifestyle and dietary changes, of course, would also be necessary.  Don't know that would do anything about the tremors, but might handle the blood pressure problem.
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You didn't mention if you're overweight if you are then you need to diet. Also you need to watch your sodium intake use spices and herbs instead and don't buy prepackaged foods.
Make sure you have enough magnesium, potassium, and calcium in your diet. These reduce the effects of salt. Magnesium dilates, or widens, blood vessels.  The dosages of these are hard to calibrate.
Magnesium can be taken until it causes diarrhea,
then lower the dose. Calcium and magnesium are best when taken together.  Too much potassium  that is, excessive amounts can be lethal to your kidneys. All of these should be taken with the OK from your doctor!
Stay away from stimulants like coffee, tea, sodas, alcohol, and cigarettes. You can't smoke.
Make sure you are getting enough sleep, at
least eight to 10 hours daily. Lack of sleep is a
main cause of hypertension because it puts the
body under stress. Sleep apnea puts the body under tremendous stress and causes secondary hypertension.
It can also be because of Genetics, thyroid disorder.
Vitamin D deficiency and trans fat consumption can lead to stiff arteries. Vitamin D deficiency appears to be associated with both arterial stiffness and hypertension.
Also insulin resistance, which results from eating a diet too high in sugar. As your insulin level elevates, so does your blood pressure. Insulin stores magnesium, but if your insulin receptors are blunted and your cells grow resistant to insulin, you can't store magnesium so it passes out of your body through urination.
If you want to control high blood pressure without drugs remove all grains and sugars, like fructose, from your diet until both your weight and your blood pressure have normalized. If you have high blood pressure, eating sug­ars and grains including any type of bread, pasta, corn, potatoes, or rice will cause your insulin and leptin levels, and your blood pressure, to remain elevated.
Drinking at least 3 cups of Hibiscus tea per day can lower blood pressure.
Studies that compared with hibiscus tea directly to pharmaceutical blood pressure drugs. In 2004, Mexican researchers assigned 75 adults with high blood pressure to take either 25 mg of the drug captopril twice per day, or to drink tea made from 10 g (about 5 teaspoons) of crushed dried hibiscus once per day. After four weeks, blood pressure had dropped by 11 percent in both groups.
If you do try this I suggest two things. First only buy pure Hibiscus tea not tea that's blended with other teas. You can either buy the tea leaves and make your own that's less expensive. Second if you do try this the tea is VERY TART! so drinking it hot you need to sip it because it's hot. If you drink it cold you just down it. Don't be adding any sugar or sweetener that's not healthy. I suggest trying it. If you go on line at nuts.com it's about $10.00 per lb.
Talk to your Dr. before doing anything!
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My BP does not go very high, temporary 150/90 at worse case w/o RXmed. Hand tremors are more noticable.

I'm very fit, have always been.

10 hrs a day is not possible for people that work full time and try to eat right, it sure sounds nice though.!

Lyme can wreck the nervouse system. Hashimoto , while treated optimally, adds to this too - with its adrenal fatigue conection.

Looking for the easiest way.

Propranolo actually lowers BP by controling cortisol some how- as this is related to BP.

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An herb called holy basil can be very effective in lowering cortisol production.  Can make you a bit sleepy after, though, because it also lowers blood sugar, but not too bad.  Hibiscus tea is easy to find if you have a local health food store.  Buying online, you must be very careful, because most bulk teas are irradiated and might have contaminants in them if you don't know the source.  That price quoted sounds very low for a quality bulk herb, so be wary.  But any good health food store, again, will have quality sourced bulk herbs or will carry the bulk herb or teabags from a couple of companies that sell bulk herbs singly.  Many will have organic available.  I also doubt complex carbs such as whole grains will have any adverse effect on blood sugar -- there is a whole world of bread and grains out there that isn't white flour or even wheat, which is usually the biggest problem.  One of the reasons Oriental medicine considers rice the center of the food system -- not too yang, not too yin -- is that it doesn't tend to raise blood sugar, especially short grain brown rice.  As usual, take care of boilerplate listings of things that "might" cause a problem -- details are important.  All that being said, are you sure the tremors are from high blood pressure, given that yours doesn't appear to be high enough to require medication?  Could it be something else?  All BP meds have side effects, some serious such as pulmonary problems if taken long-term, so if you don't need them, why take them?  Peace.
I buy mine from nuts.com it's 10 minutes from my home and the product is clean and very good
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Hey, anybody else notice an ad at the top of this thread advertising the worst blood pressure meds?  They sure do know how to target us, don't they?
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The Rx was given by a nuero for tremors 1st, BP 2nd.

Thats what they do for tremors- RX Propranolo , its commonly used for tremors, even if the patient does NOT have high BP.

Yes I'm trying to figure out the tremors to get of the RX / BP med used for it.

Autoimmune/ thyroid/ lyme wreckage/ adrenals combined is whats doing it most likely. Stiff muscles from all that makes ridigid movments, which make tremors happen.

Trying to fix it, but till then RX helps. Wish some company made an herbal mix for tremors.

They figure out who to advertise too here nowdays, dont recall that in the past!
Did the nuero rule out Parkinson's?
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I know that company and it's not one I would buy from.  Not saying you're not fine with it, just that this particular wholesale company isn't in the health food industry and isn't concerned with organic or knowledgeable about herbs in general.  I only bought wholesale from herb companies.  
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