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Oregano oil

What is the recommended dosage of oregano oil for combating lung/nasal infections?
I asked at the local herbal store, but the fellow there said to "just take enough until it stops"....ugh.
I repeated my question to him and he was dumbfounded...he obviously has no business working in such a store.

I know that oregano oil, garlic, and teas are good to take, but is there anything else?
I can't stomach the garlic, so I don't use it...doesn't react well to the IBS/GERD. lol

I have been suffering with sinus infections for most of my life...so I go through a lot of sinus rinses. lol
I know I'm allergic to snow mould...but haven't found anything yet to relieve the symptoms.
Anyone know a good natural antihistamine?

This lung infection has been clinging to me since the start of December...the oregano oil seems to get rid of it for only a few days at a time...actually, I guess I should say that as soon as the infection goes away, I stop taking it...then it comes back.
After the infection is gone, how long should I keep taking it for, and how much?

While taking it, my body "reacts" strangely as well. I know this is normal, as all that "junk" is leaving my body, but I'm wondering if there are any reactions I should "watch out for"...ones that shouldn't occur...perhaps due to taking too much for too long, or whatever have you.
Any info is much appreciated.
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I'm confused -- is this a sinus or lung infection?  While oregano oil is somewhat anti-bacterial, it's actually more of an anti-fungal, and it's main use is for yeast infections and the like.  I'm confused also about your IBS, because oregano is very hot, while garlic isn't.  It's much more likely to irritate GERD than garlic.  Confusing.  You also don't say if it's a virus, which is more likely to be a problem with congested lungs, or a bacteria, more common in the sinus.  Bacterial infections in the lungs can be quite serious and should be treated by doctors -- we're talking tuberculosis and the like here as possibilities.  There are also two kinds of herbs for the lung -- decongestants to make you feel better and anti-virals or anti-bacterials to fight the infection.  Usually you'd want a combination.  Examples of anti-bacterial herbs are goldenseal, garlic, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver, and many others.  Anti-viral herbs are olive leaf and elderberry.  Natural anti-histamines include freeze dried nettle leaf, combinations of bromelain, vitamin C and quercitin, and Chinese skullcap (scuttelaria), among others.  Clearing herbs for the lung include mullein, coltsfoot, pleurisy root, and many others.  Homeopathy is sometimes useful.  However, allergies are very hard to treat, and when it's as chronic as you're suffering especially considering all the infections you claim to get, you're real problems long-term is the immune system, which is overstimulated.  You may be deficient by now in probiotics, and you might want to investigate immune system balancing products such as Moducare which tamp down the immune system.  If it needs temporary strengthening, echinacea, astragalus, and many other herbs can be used.  But when a problem gets as chronic as yours, professional help, such as a naturopath, might be a place to turn.  But watch out -- you're headed for big dietary changes, to eliminate inflammatory foods such as dairy and wheat and corn, and that can be hard to do psychologically.  Good luck.
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Sorry for the confusion.

I have both...a sinus infection and a lung infection.
Yellow "gunk" coming out of nose and coughing up yellow as well.

What I meant by the garlic not "reacting" properly to the IBS and GERD is that garlic ( by any means ) makes me very gassy...which makes life unbearable...makes the stomach worse than usual. lol

I'm not sure if my lungs and sinuses are going through a bacteria, fungal, or viral infection...all I know is that this has been going on since I was ten ( on and off of course...every spring/fall when the snow moulds start up.

I have been given so many antibiotics and codeine laced "junk" over the years that nothing works any more. There are only 2 antibiotics left that I can take, so doctors are hesitant to give me anything, and I'm very hesitant to take anything.

Over the years they've told me that I have A) chronic bronchitis, B) pneumonia, C) a cold, D) the flu...and E)...asthma due to allergies.
I was in seeing a heart specialist...he was listening to my chest, and he asked me how long I had had the cough and wheezing for. I told him every fall/spring...he's the one that figured that I had asthma due to an allergy to snow moulds.
He said that's why all the "junk" they had been giving me over the years never helped...because it wasn't a cold or anything else that they had figured it was.
I'm not sure what to make of that though, as my hubby and one son both have asthma and don't cough this stuff up...sometimes they cough up clear thick stuff, or green...but never yellow.  
I was told that clear is asthma, green is allergy, and yellow is infection.
I've tried MANY times to see an allergist over the years, but you need a doctor's referral to see one...and all the doctors that I have seen over the years tell me that I'm too old for testing. They claim that it takes two years to get an appointment with one, and that adults allergies change on a constant basis...so I don't know.
I have spent my entire life "guessing" at what I'm allergic to.
I know for a fact ( only because these things have put me in the hospital ) that I'm allergic to penicillin ( whole family is ) bees/wasps, sulfa drugs, cats, eggs and oranges...and the stuff they inject you with when they do kidney testing and such ( the dye ).  Those are the ones that cause me to quit breathing.
They always tell me to look at what my other family members are allergic to , and to base it on that...which is crud because 3 of my 4 sons have had testing, and not one of them has the same allergy as the others...so far anyway.
As for a diet...I don't eat much of anything any more. They pulled my teeth out in September...told me that it was the only way to help the sinuses/sinus pain...ugh. Now the sinus infections are non-stop. My gums throb from the sinus pain, instead of the teeth hurting...which they had done root-canals to ( every last one of them )before they realized that it was my sinuses...you think they would have seen that when they did all those xrays over the years to determine which tooth "needed" a root canal.
I must add that the teeth were falling apart because of the root canals...was having them re-built on a monthly basis, so this was also part of the reason why they pulled them.

Sorry...have really had it with doctors and dentists...they have never done me any good...just caused more grief.
I now go to the health food stores for help...and sometimes they actually tell me something that helps...but not always...as stated in my first post.

A change in diet doesn't bother me...can't eat most things yet anyway...the false teeth they made me are way too big and not even that super bond stuff holds them in...they are making me new ones in May/June.
I normally avoid dairy and corn anyway. Neither one of them "likes" me much...if you know what I mean. lol
Wheat is a little harder though, as hubby is a spaghetti/pasta addict.
For the most part all I eat is soup, small bits of pasta, and anything that will dissolve in my mouth. All soups are home-made as I also avoid salt like the plague...high blood pressure.

Thanks for all your help.
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Good hydration can have very positive effects for those with asthma. The main thing with asthma is mucous that clogs the airways. The best known agent  that breaks down mucous is water.
At the first sign of wheezing drink an eight ounce glass of water mixed with ¼ teaspoon of unrefined salt. This combination of water and salt helps break down mucous and relax the airways. Water helps break down and thin the mucous of the airways. Salt (and only unrefined salt) contains minerals like magnesium that are very relaxing to the smooth muscles of the airways. It is very important, too, to be hydrated before participating in sports. Magnesium is very important Good sources of magnesium
include pumpkin seeds, barley, buckwheat flour, nuts, beans, seeds, fish, and spinach. Magnesium, can result in the dilation of the smooth muscles around the airways with no serious adverse effects.
The most serious adverse effect with magnesium is diarrhea. If you get diarrhea or loose stools with magnesium, just lower the dose.
How much magnesium? It varies by person to person but generally 100 to 400 mg/day is adequate for most asthmatic. Magnesium is a very calming and is best taken around bedtime.
Vitamin D supplementation can be an important including the treatment of asthma. Adults generally require 2,000 to 10,000 IU of vitamin D per day and children smaller amounts. Any lab can measure vitamin D levels easily with a routine blood test.
It's essential to balance the hormonal system in anyone suffering with asthma, including the thyroid and adrenal endocrine systems.

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I would guess you have a sulphur allergy -- thus, the problem with eggs and, alas, garlic, which is high in sulphur compounds.  And from painful personal recent experience, I learned you can't tell about the sinuses from teeth problems without a CT scan, not a X-ray.  Sounds like you've been through it, all right.  I'd say, given the complications you've had, a naturopath might be a good idea, or a holistic nutritionist.  They're better for allergies anyway than docs, in my opinion.  Good luck!
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I had NO idea that garlic had sulphur in it...well I guess that explains that then huh? I am totally allergic to sulphur...figured that out years ago when I quit breathing while taking sulphur based antibiotics. Thank you for that info.

Just had all my blood work come back, and everything looked "okay" the doctor said. He did an xray on my left shoulder ( finally ) after a year of complaining about numbness, burning, and itching in one spot.
Won't know the outcome of that until I make yet another appointment I guess. lol

Now to find a naturopath in my area...

Thanks to both of you for the good info!
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Fill 3 double 00 capsules (buy from hf store) with oil of oregano - I prefer Joy of the Mountains brand - can by from Abaco online store. Take 3 per day with food for 15 days - eliminate all dairy and refined sugars and sugary foods as well as chemical sprays, colognes, perfumes, scented candles, artificial air fresheners and sleep with your window open so you can get fresh air. Use the Neil Med Nasal irrigation system. Make sure you are taking a good multi and are fully hydrated. You can also swab some coconut oil in your nose with a q-tip after irrigating to keep it from drying out - its also antibacterial and antiviral. Good health to you!
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Problem with this is that oregano oil is an oil, and it will oxidize on contact with the air.  You can just take the oil in water as a tincture -- it's hot, though, if it's truly oregano oil, it packs quite a punch.  When used in a capsule, it's best to buy oils already in gel caps, which are better at preserving oils than regular caps and are packaged in light-controlled environments if you buy from a good company such as New Chapter or Gaia.  Personally, I use the tincture when I need oregano oil, but as I say, it is quite hot to the taste.  If you do follow the above advice, make sure you do all this quickly which is hard to do, and in conditions which are the cliche cool dark place, which makes it hard to fill capsules with oils.
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I have skipped all but the first two entries in order to address oil of oregano. About 15 years ago my son-in-law suffered from systemic candidiasis. It was a serious case and he was tearing at his skin. No help from MD's. I hit upon oil of oregano and spoke to the owner of the company. He said it would take six months to get his condition under control, as he had had it himself and that was why he was so involved in producing it.

He was right. The dosages were very high (so high that I bought the stuff wholesale) and he ultimately smelled so strongly of oil of oregano that he could not hold a job. But he was cured.

According to the Mayo Clinic (I think it was the May Clinic) 96 per cent of all sinus infections involve a fungus. It is likely that a sinus infection can easily to the lungs. and the throat (thrush). I have symptoms of candidiasis and have started treating myself with oil of oregano. If you use it, be careful. It is already diluted in olive oil, but I find I have to dilute it further as it is very strong. I do not know what the proper dosage is. The bottle suggests several drops. My son-in-law took a very heavy dosage and it did him no harm.
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what was the dosage and how long did he take it for ? Thank you, Ingrid
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http://www.amazon.com/Sinus-Buster-Classic-Formula-Ounces/dp/B000HEECYY  My daughter was suffering from a terrible sinus infection and killer headaches. I had a guy who came up with using capsicum (cayenne pepper) nasal spray send some to her and it was a miracle cure.  She felt better in a couple of hours.
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Thanks for all the useful info How about monolaurin?
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You poor baby, how awful.. i would not take hardly any more meds from regular Dr's.  If you can afford it a trip to a good Homeopath would be great..hopefully. Move to California..Couldn't resist..
Good Luck
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