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Pain in muscle and joints

Starting from six months ,I suffer continuous disturbing pain at different parts of my body.specially at joints of my finger ,muscles of my legs and top of my foot.Those parts where i have pain has no swelling and color change. when i fell pain in my finger joint when i press forcefully, it sounds and i got relief at that particular area.And at those particular muscles with pain when i try to massage it i fill pain with some relief. Please any one who can help me ?what can i do natural,medical or exercise?
i see my doctor  three times and he gave me neurovit ,Endometacin .for the time being i got relief for 2 weeks but it comes again.

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What was his diagnosis?
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If you get relief from massage, it could just be tense or strained muscles, or it could be a pinched nerve.  Or it could be nothing, or lack of sleep, or some medication you're taking.  It could be lack of magnesium or potassium or imbalance of electrolytes.  As the above post, I'm curious if the doctor gave a diagnosis or just gave you a drug to get you out of his hair, but if massage helps that tells you something is causing stress and needs to have the stress relieved, but I too would want to know what the doctor said it was.  If he gave no diagnosis at all or doesn't have a clue and just gave you a drug to make you feel better because he can't find anything he can see that's wrong, you might look into acupuncture or massage therapy and try taking some magnesium and see if it helps.  Do you drink enough water?  Do you exercise?  Do you exert yourself a lot at work?  Try to see if you can think if you've done something that might cause this.
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He told me my uric acid concentration was at first 11 then after a month it becomes 9.5.
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First i thank you.
My doctor diagnosis uric acid level was 11 at first then next 9.5.
i took enough water almost i don't drink alcohol.this times (almost 4-5)months i don't exercise.I am studying my Msc i study but i don't have any additional work that needs more effort.
Massage doesn't give me a relief but i feel something good with  little pain  but it will continue immediately.
one new i understand is ,I feel more pain when the weather is cold than hot.And when i wash with hot water i got relief.
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This really isn't an advertising forum.  And having been to my share of chiropractors, most of you don't really do much good and some of you are very good, but please, advertise somewhere else, we're really trying to help one another here and not sell things.
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