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Raynauds and Medical Marijuana

So I want to know if anyone on here has raynauds and uses marijuana to relieve pain? I am looking into getting a license because I am so sick of the pain. Any advice as well?
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This is an STD fourm, I think Medhelp has a ciculation/vasuclar disorder's forum.
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This isn't an STD forum!
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From the American Journal of Physiology (Heart and Circulatory Physiology)
It makes the connection between Raynaud's Phenomenon and the JNK gene.

  Prolonged JNK gene expression , may contribute greatly to your issue.
  Low Glutathione  (GSH ) levels would be indicative of this.
  GSH testing, however, is very new,  very costly and unfortunately inaccurate.
  Measuring GSH within the Lymphocytes ( the only possible way to achieve any degree of accuracy) has been a real scientific challenge.

  My suggestion would be at this point- as GSH may hold the key to your improvement of your condition and drastic reduction of associated pain-   that you consider GSH precursor supplementation. Best bio-available option is Certified Un-denatured whey isolate powder.
It must be isolate and not concentrate. It cannot be used with heat or mixed with anything
hot. It cannot be used in a blender. Vibration and heat, damage its sensitive chemical structure, and delivery is  very compromised.   2 teaspoons is one dose, take 2-3 times daily away from meals. Mix with spoon in natural juices, yogurt or smoothies.
Milk intolerant people, usually do fine with this.

The above protocol is a very fundamental approach to your condition (and many other)
  It's proper implementation will gradually help control JNK expression and correct imbalances within the body that were likely responsible for the onset of Raynaud's.

Please let me know if you need more info on this. Most Doctors trained before 2003 are not usually familiar in this area of research.
Also, should you need immediate -holistic- pain relief let me know.
Unfortunately,  Marijuana induces the activation of the JNK gene!
Temporary pain relief, for even greater chronic suffering and potentially
more serious diseases. Not a good idea at all!

Hope this helps,

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