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The cause of my fatigue...?


I have family history of fatigue problems, and two with thyroid problems.  The mental/physical/emotional fatigue seems to have been with me since I was a kid, with some depression in there, too, (possibly part of whatever is causing the fatigue), and the fatigue worsened in my teens when the stress and issues in my life were horrible.

I had hair mineral testing about 10 years ago and it said I had adrenal exhaustion in the last stage.  I had cortisol testing with an MD a few years prior that mentioned something about my cortisol being on the lower side.  That doctor thought my issue was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but I'm not convinced as it hasn't been proven with a test or anything.  I'm not happy to just get a label.

This year, I had a yearly blood work check-up, and there was a mild Vit D deficiency.  At one point, my TSH was out-of-range a little in hypo, but on retesting, it returned to normal.  Up-to-date tests show my TSH, Free T4, Free T3, and the antibodies, are all normal.

I'm one that is on the sensitive side, and I didn't learn a lot of life lessons, and coping skills, so I'm more vulnerable to stress, even a little, especially emotional.  I'm living a very calm, joyful life now.  Yet, the fatigue continues.

***My main problems are: 1) the mental fatigue (with poor attention, memory, concentration, retention, etc.) with ADHD and other learning disabilities. 2) Physical fatigue (feeling "lazy," poor motivation, easily winded-feeling, need to sleep long hours, naps, etc.) 3) Easily stressed, affecting mental/emotional/physical .

I've been trying Magnesium for a few weeks now and I haven't noticed any improvement yet.

***The VERY VERY interesting thing is that the only thing that I've ever used that has helped me alert-energy, motivation, and attention is Vyvanse, an ADHD medicine.  I can avoid naps on this, at a low dose!  I don't feel caffeinated, just some normal energy.  I believe this works on the adrenals, stimulating them, so I suspect my issue is with my adrenals.

I read from Alternative Doctors that underneath ADHD, CFS, panic, etc. is an adrenal issue, and that after the issue is treated, the problems lessen or go away.

I've read on medical sites that ADHD has gone into "remission" for some people.  So I think some fixable health issue is underlying the problem.

I'm considering seeing a good ND and getting everything checked out.  I suspect they'll look into my nutritional levels and hormonal.

Any ideas on the roots of these issues?
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Only can say that CFS has now been tied into a difficult to find underlying virus.  Don't know if it accounts for all cases, some cases, or none, but it goes to show how difficult it is to know what causes what.  A good ND may help with the adrenals.  So might a practitioner of TCM.  A couple of the more energizing adrenal adaptogens are Chinese ginseng and rhodiola.  Fatigue can also be caused by depression, but then, depression can be caused by fatigue.  Magnesium is more for relaxation than adrenal stimulation.  As for ADHD, of course there are cases of "remission," many people do get better.  But because it's so overdiagnosed, it's hard to know if one really has it or not.  Same problem with CFS, which isn't a defined condition but a collection of symptoms, as fibromyalgia and several other conditions are.  However, they are weakening conditions, and could indicate weakness in the immune system if you've ever been on a couple of courses of antibiotics or weakness in other organs, such as the liver.  I'm sure others will weigh in here.  It does sound like thyroid, but apparently it isn't, and a lot of things that sound like thyroid turn out to be something else.  Could even be sleep apnea or a blood sugar problem or lactose intolerance or ciliac or plain food allergies.  Good hunting.
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Thank you for your response.

I was recently diagnosed with "Upper Airway Resistance" which is a mild form of sleep apnea.  I'm on a two-month trial with CPAP breathing mask, and so far, there hasn't been any improvement in my health in using it.

I used to have lactose intolerance as a child, but must have grown out of it as I could handle it again starting in my teens.  I don't have any noticable digestive complaints.

I've had allergy testing, and I tried allergy shots for a long time, and it didn't help the fatigue.  I also went on a very strict diet, avoiding foods I tested allergic to, and I didn't notice any difference.  I even tried a strict Candida treatment diet and supplements (just in case I might have had Candida), and it didn't help the fatigue.

I've tried high vegetable diets, raw food juicing, supplements, etc.

It's hard trying this and that, without having an idea of what's going on, like a really good ND would pick up on.

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Low levels of omega 3 in the diet could be attributed to the learning difficulties. Some people just need a lot more.
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