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Ulraviolet therapy

I have already asked question about, but maybe for some different reasons didn't get answer. In previous post I've asked about 'everything healing' uv light therapie. I have already checked lot more info about such kind of innovative therapy, and actually have even found representatives or distributors, however, as I said before, there is no evidences about its effectiveness, nothing about risks. Maybe someone have heard something about this station? Or have any other examples of such 'incredible' treatment?
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One risk is skin cancer! My wife had UV treatment for psoriasis.
It's good for camping for sterilizing and for tooth brushes.
As for blood,  As virulent as some bacteria can be, most cases of septicemia can be cured by prompt application of UV treatment of the blood called photoluminescence, modern medicine ignores this treatment. Read the book Into the Light for details on this suppressed therapy. I've never had this done to me!
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The therapy is hardly "innovative". The Nobel prize was awarded in 1904 for the dfiscovery that ultraviolet light destroyed tuberculosis bacteria.
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