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I am 52 years old and I woke up dizzy one day and the symptom did not go away
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You don't say how many days ago you "woke up dizzy one day and the symptom did not go away". Have you been to the doctor? See a doctor and get a diagnosis. it just might be the crystals in your ear, if it is then check this video on the  exercise to help you.
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I was getting dizzy when lying down. I went to my alternative MD and he adjusted my head. Bingo. Gone immediately. But my vertigo may have had a different cause than yours. Anyway, check it out.
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I did the same thing..a severe case of vertigo and I have been dizzy for about 7 years now.  They originally sent me home and told me it was most likely an inner ear infection.

I ended up being diagnosed with MS and I 62 yrs. old...a lot of people with MS have that symptom, but it also could be any number of neurlogical diseases.

Just my two cents..

hugs, meg
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