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diabetes and marijuana

Ok ive had diabetes for 5 years this coming week and i am 15 years old. Diabetes has deffinently changed the way that i go out with friends and i relieze that i cant do all the things that they do to have fun, like drink alcohol. I know that alcohol and diabetes doesnt mix but im curious to know if marijuana has any other side effects on a person with diabetes or if it is still the same as a non diabetic. I have never smoked marijuana before but i might be in a situation next week where people will have some. I wanna know that if anything does happen and i do take some that im not risking myself to an extreme high or low blood suger.

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hello i am  diabetic. I have been a diabetic for 13 years and going strong. My mother also has it too. I am a type one diabetic. I believe that medical marijuana should be legal. I have been smoking marijuana since i was 14 i am now 20 i have had no problems and i mean none. i am currently in college as a soph. The only time i have been in the hospital for my diabetes was when i was diagnosed with it. I have a minimed 508 insulin pump and had only one problem with it. but that was due to scateboarding. The way i see it is it is all up to you. The ball is in your court, you have to take responsibility for yourself and your own actions. As long as you know what you need to do and you do it you will be just fine. Its all hog wash that you don't have control of yourself. You always have control your world is just kinda hazy or fog. You can still be very responsible you just have to be strong have self-control and know what you need to do. I wouldn't do it if you are a new diabetic. See the key is knowing your body like what a low feels like and a high blood sugar. So new diabetics this is not for you. But if you choose to try it or smoke it be careful it is harmless but you have to be resposible.
                                 "THE BALL IS IN YOUR COURT"

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hey there i am a diabetic...33yrs... i smoked pot and the only problem i really had was the munchies from it. it never made my BS high or low. It just made me hungry..I dont smoke anymore, but if you do smoke maybe you just eat something healthy. celery and carrots worked ok for me....even though your stoned you still think about your diabetes...i  know i did.
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I've been a juvenile diabetic for 43 years.   I'm in good health except for neuropathic pain in my feet and hands.  No solution so far.   I've smoked marijuana off and on for at least 40 years.   My experience is that it DOES lower the blood sugar - the reason, I think, that so many smokers get the munchies.  I learned a long time ago to test my blood before smoking and to  be AWARE of where it sat and be ready with some carbohydrate handy.    I think it's a beneficial drug in general though I wouldn't recommend it to anybody who hasn't yet got a life.
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I've been a juvenile diabetic for 43 years.   I'm in good health except for neuropathic pain in my feet and hands.  No solution so far.   I've smoked marijuana off and on for at least 40 years.   My experience is that it DOES lower the blood sugar - the reason, I think, that so many smokers get the munchies.  I learned a long time ago to test my blood before smoking and to  be AWARE of where it sat and be ready with some carbohydrate handy.    I think it's a beneficial drug in general though I wouldn't recommend it to anybody who hasn't yet got a life.
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Once again, such a wide varaiety of answers.  How is one to get a handle on the truth about diabetes causes or treatment?
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BACK to the original question - does marijuana affect type 1 diabetes?


I've been type 1 diabetic for 9 years and between alcohol and marijuana, I will ALWAYS choose marijuana since alcohol lowers my blood sugar and sometimes leads to me having seizures.

Smoking pot will not have any affect over your blood glucose levels, but as everyone else said, it will give you the "munchies" - and you are less likely to count your carbs and watch what you're putting in your body when you're in this state.  That's pretty much the only danger - oh, that and the fact that it's against the law, blah blah, wah wahh.

And whoever said that alcohol doesn't affect your blood sugar if there's no juice or sugary drink in there???  You're an idiot who obviously doesn't have tight control, because that is never EVER the case... even in "normal" people - alcohol LOWERS your blood sugar (longterm like 8-12hrs later) and when you have a lot of it it can lead to seizures!
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Wow, I posted my original comment back on Jul 07, 2005. Thats almost 3 years ago now. I can't believe the amount of responses from it as well so thanks to all that gave their oppinion.
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Just wondering - whatever happened? What kind of choices did you make? Now that you're 18 do you look back on them as good or bad decisions?
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I just want to throw this out there for who ever is reading, i read many post's above and, I CAN NOT believe there is even ONE type 1 diabetic is out there who doesn't take needles, how are insulin cells getting replenished into your body each day...?....you have lasted 2 years, but think about the long run.
to all the occasional pot smokers among me, may your blunts be rolled and your eyes stay red.
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i can feel my blood sugars dropping they give me a buzz
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but when stoned its not so good so id allways rather take some precautions and eat some sugar. .
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i can't believe that  kebranegast thinks he has the answer.  EVERYBODY'S DIABETIC CONDITION IS UNIQUE, NEVER EVER EVER TELL SOMEBODY ELSE HOW TO HANDLE THEIR SYNDROME BECAUSE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU WILL NOT WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE.  That was really stupid advice to give, smoking dope instead of taking insulin.  See why it's called dope?
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...what?  insulin cells being replenished?  taking needles?  you're a moron
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Also depending on the strain of marijuana it can have different effects on the body. Marijuana is an exciter on the body, it can make the heart pump more, and dilates small tiny blood vessels (eyes, kidneys, brain and feet) People with diabetic neuropathy can benefit greatly by marijuana, and prevent future problems regarding neuropathy.
Marijuana, since its an exciter can lower blood sugar levels. It causes the adrenals to become stimulated and because of that can cause low blood sugar levels if one isn't aware.
Remember that has soon as the body enters a 3.6 blood sugar then it starts to prepare the liver for the release of glucagon, if it doesn't get sugar from external source. Thats the bodies natural survival mechanism.
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I have type 1 diabetes for 15 yerrs and smoke marajuana  over 4 years and Im going blind its hard and I thank that it helps my eyes and a bad heart I dont get high just the fun of it becuse it helps the eyes and i dont smoke i thank i will be bland by know or dead of a haert attack or stroke can naraiuana help me to live longer .
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to me man you sound like you got it under control
you carry juices around with you i read
not many diabetics do that
and what your doin is good
ive had diabetes for 13-14 years
got a a1c of 7.4 doin pretty good
drinking is a bad idea for diabetics
it involves alot of uneeded carbs and sugars and lot of uneeded unulin usage
and when your drunk its much harder to control yourself when your high
yah you get muchies when you high
try to eat stuf with protein eat a sandwhich r something and bolus/give a few units for the
and if you happen to stuble apon some sweets make sure your give a little insulin BEFORE and then cover for the rest the junk you ate when your done
(but try not to eat to much!)
well thats all i got to say peace
you eat th
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In the early 70's I attended a college lecture about the physical affects of marijuana. I have no references to site, just an old memory.   It was an introductory psychology course so the information was not real technical.  The professor stated that the munchies are a feeling that anyone gets when their blood sugar gets low.  Marijuana triggered the secretion of  insulin which reduced blood sugar and caused the munchies.  ( I believe that this is where the urban legend about marijuana helping diabetics originated.) The professor further explained that burning marijuana produced a substance similar to synapse.  We had previously learned that  synapse is a substance that conducts the electrical charges between nerve cells.  More conductivity caused the body to sense that blood sugar levels were high, when they were not, thereby releasing insulin to counteract.

Increased nerve activity from smoking marijuana causes tingling in the neck.  The brain apparently has a threshold of the number of stimuli that it can take before it gets tired.  Increased nerve activity brings on sleepiness sooner, another symptom of smoking marijuana.

If a nerve cell fires randomly, which they do, there is normally not enough synapse for the impulse to get through. This impulse is said to be inhibited.  After smoking marijuana, your inhibitions are lowered and more of these impulses actually arrive at the brain.  This explains the crazy and sometimes creative ideas that accompany being stoned.  Your inhibitions do not prevent these crazy ideas from coming into your head.  This also explains why some experience uncontrollable laughter at otherwise not so funny things.

Diabetes is the reduced ability for your pancreas to produce insulin.  While smoking marijuana may trigger the production of insulin in a healthy person it seems that it may not have as much of an affect on a diabetic because their ability to produce insulin is impaired.  Although I would be interested in more information on this.

My mother is a type I diabetic.   I use my mothers test equipment and my blood sugar often went out of control up until a year ago.  My mother was blind from diabetes by age 50.  I am not real happy with the treatment that she gets from Doctors.

As a result, I have challenged myself to control my own diet and exercise so that I do not loose limbs and go blind as my mother and a cousins have.  

It is against the law to smoke marijuana.  It is also against law to say that a combination of 10 food supplements will keep your diabetes in check.  

I took 10 substances in a capsule 3 times a day for a year and now my blood sugar is under reasonable control for the first time in 10 years.  

I am truly upset that my mother suffered for a lifetime and cousins lost limbs. In the orient and middle east, this cure for type II diabetes, has been known for hundreds of years.  Our health care situation does not need a band-aid like socializing it.  It needs a morality check.  We need to learn the best from each culture.

Doctors making a commission from the sales of the drugs they prescribe does not seem ethical. It makes sense that they would prescribe the most expensive and perhaps even give prescriptions when the are not necessary if they want to make more money.  

We need to stop paying for insurance and start paying for medical help.  40% of all insurance premiums go to paying the insurance brokers sales commission.  Then take out the insurance company cut from both ends (the doctor has to pay malpractice insurance) and less than 20% of your insurance dollar pays the doctor.  Maybe that is why Doctors look to commissions from prescriptions to make money?  Seriously, I know several doctors that are always on the brink of bankruptcy.

Not telling people what will cure them should be the crime.  We were taught in school that the British discovered that citrus fruit was the cure to scurvy.  It is illegal in the U.S. to claim that now?  What have we come to?  We will surely not recover until we all open our eyes to the truth. When we stop depending on others for information, we can truly find health.  The person filling your head my have selfish motives.  Find the information yourself.  It is not that hard.  

Keywords: Bitter Melon, Cinnamon, Banaba, Guggle, Licorice Extract,Gymnema Sylvestre, Yarrow, Cayenne, Juniper Berries, Huckleberry, Vanadyl Sulfate, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Taurine, L-Carnitine, Cypress, and many more.  No side effects just good health.

Always remember, a doctor never healed anyone, they may have helped a body heal itself, but it is ultimately the body that must recover.
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Marijuana Cannabis Chemical Reduces
the Development of Diabetes in Animal

Researchers of the Hadassah University Hospital of Jerusalem investigated the effects of the plant cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD) on the development of diabetes in mice, which develop diabetes due to genetic causes. So-called NOD mice develop insulitis within 4 to 5 weeks of age followed by diabetes within a median of 14 weeks. Insulitis is an inflammation of the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, and diabetes is a result of a destruction of these cells.
NOD mice aged 6 to 12 weeks that were treated with 10 to 20 injections of CBD (5 mg per kilogram body weight) presented with a significantly reduced incidence of diabetes of 30 per cent compared to 86 per cent in untreated control mice. In addition, in the mice that developed diabetes in the treated group disease onset was a significantly delayed. Blood levels of two cytokines that promote inflammation, IFN-gamma and TFN-alpha, are usually increased in NOD mice. A treatment with CBD caused a significant reduction
(more than 70 per cent) in levels of both cytokines. In another experiment CBD-treated mice were observed for 26 weeks. While the 5 control mice all developed diabetes, 3 of 5 of the CBD-treated mice remained diabetes- free at 26 weeks.

Researchers concluded that confirmation of the observed immunomodulatory effects of CBD "may lead to the clinical application of this agent in the prevention of type 1 diabetes" and possibly other autoimmune diseases. They note that many patients diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have sufficient residual cells that produce insulin at the time of diagnosis, and may be candidates for immunomodulation therapy.

Source: Weiss L, Zeira M, Reich S, Har-Noy M, Mechoulam R, Slavin S, Gallily
R. Cannabidiol lowers incidence of diabetes in non-obese diabetic mice.
Autoimmunity 2006;39(2):143-51.

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Don't drink alchol it messes with your sugar....
If you are going to drink drink beer and mesure the carbs off the lable
only one or two beers because my mom went to bartending school and I know
what I am talking about when I say that your liver can only handle so much per hour
so be very careful
In my experience weed doesn't do anything to mess with my blood sugar level
and I've been smoking pot for years
thats just me I haven't asked any other diabetics about it........
I guess the only flaw is pot makes you hungry so be sure and bring your inslun with
you when you are going to someones house to get stoned
do anything else but weed because that will seriously mess up your sugars
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Mr Gatorade is wrong, unfortunately, about alcohol and diabetes. Although most alcoholic drinks will raise your blood sugar due to their calorific content, it will afterwards drop, sometimes significantly, when the alcohol kicks in. This means, that if you do decide to drink alcohol, make sure you eat something with it, and drink a non alcoholic beverage with carbohydrates, like orange juice, afterwards. Also have some water to rehydrate yourself :)
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I was diagnosed when I was 13, I am now 28.  My whole life I was told that Smoking weed would lead to to other bad things, a gateway drug.  And while Hith I would be in a position not to take care of myself.  For years I  chastised other diabetics for doing it.  Now I regret it,  I drank occasionally for the past 8 years, and as the past year came on, and my job got more stressful, I found myself drinking more and more.  to deal with the stress.  I didn not want to go on any pills, or anything like that.  My wife suggested we look into Weed, so after a long, and researched decision we took the plunge.  
I smoke week 2-3 times a week now, and I find that when I do smoke, my sugars are better controlled, my stress is much lower, any without drinking my a1c levels are much lower.  I was drinking a bottle of vodka every 3-5 days after work.  A0nd now I smoke through a vaporizer(which  I reccomend to everyone) I now feel better, in the mornings, and Overall, and it hasnt killed, me.
I havent gone on to Heroin, or Coke....  Nor have I committed any crimes to supportmy habit.  I had a visit to my Doctor, and he said I have been the healthiest I have been in 10 years.  lower cholesterol, A1C, and weight.
Im sorry to all my diabetic friends I came down on for smoking and toking, and if you are thinking about drinking, or smoking weed, really think about weed.  But as with drinking,
moderation, I have  friends that can smoke herb, and some that can drink I also have friends that cannot drink or smoke, you can be a pothead or an alcoholic, or a responsible user.

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Type I Since 5 years old
Now 32 years old.

Big Party animal. Drank lots. Smoke weed everyday.

Only way to "safely" drink for a diabetic is to run high blood sugars for at least 12-15 hours after drinking (ie. 6pm to 9am next morning)

I even allow my BS to go up to 20 when drinking. If you dont pay attention and have more than 10 drink (which these days is not much!), this alcohol can cause devestating lows that your livers self defense mechanism cannot help, since liver is working on alcohol.

I eat a large meal and have most of my early booze with regular not diet pop. Once blood sugars high (15.0), I switch to diet. Never go below 15.0

My insulin in evening is typically 10R 20N.

Drinking dose is ussually 2R 3N.

Obviously my blood sugars are high, but i can drink and dance til 3am.

This is obviously a very controvesial method. But I am a Diabetic for life and feel long term complication from high BS are a lesser evil than short term seizuires.

A low blood sugar with alcohol in your system is black and white from a normal low sugar. It can kill you.

I test about 10-12 times in that period, and even more they following morning as I slowly work sugars down.

No matter how drunk I am I can alway take care of my blood sugar. I can sober up in a heartbeat and always remeber to test. Even 20 drinks later.

I alway keep cash on me, and coins for candy machines, powergels in my pocket (availible at running stores), meter in pocket, card with meds in pocket, medicalert bracelet.


Eat before you sleep, and in morning. Test few times at night.

My AM BS can be affected til lunch if i drink and dance lots. This will shift my metabolism into high gear. So take less insulin in moring or be careful and eat more. Test lots til lunch. Hourly

I had a high BS of 20 one morning, did not eat Breakfast, did insulin and went out and did not eat for couple hours. The one and only time i passed out so far. Lucky did not die. 100 percent my fault. Did not eat before sleeping or in AM.

Drink lots of water to flush out system.

Now on humalog and lantus.

Dont drink anymore.

But Weed every day for 10 years.

Weed is ok, but one pitfall...or maybe 2

You will be lazy and not pay attention to your BS as you should.

Also can be burnt out through a low. I woke up to some very bad lows that I would otherwise picked up on earlier if not passed out. diabetics are alway light sleepers

Also, health effects of smoking. And smoking stuff we dont know from "streets". I would love some natural ooutdoor stuff, even if not strong. But here in Vancoouver Canada. The weed is soooooo strong it is like weed crack.

MUNCHI'S are enemy #1

Soooo easy to eat what you want. Especially sugar. Which raise a1c and fasting BS. I am notorious for midnight snacks that hike my fasting BS.

But these will all kill me sooner.

But if I quit binge drinking and drinking a few glasses of wine here and there, this is better than my extreme method.

And if I quit smoking a few times a day and once in a while in a vaporizer instead.

That may be perfect. But I am a compulsive person.

Note: I have never tried any other drug EVER and do not smoke cigarettes at all.
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Im type 1. im 13.. and today my older brother asked if i wuld ever want somethin to smoke, i said not now because i dont know how it will affect my BGL. he knows i have to be careful, and i was just diagnosed this past June (june 1st 2009) im not sure on alot of things, im not sure what (if any) i suld smoke, as i get older... I wana try just once, but i think ima tell him no. its stupid, so ima trust this decision. but i have a diabetic friend who is always high (depressional probz) i try soooo hard to talk him out of it, but he wont let me! Anyway, i was wondering if (besides pot) there are any drugs that i suld absolutly stay away from??.. and what theyd do to me??????????
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my 14yr old son is diabetic & recently got into serious trouble hanging out w/friends who did the stuff. (when u have type 1 the WHOLE community watches u because that's what theyve been told to do --'keep an eye on the kid w/diabetes')

personally, i've never done drugs & have only been educated what they look like from t.v. & movies.  it's a VERY proud feeling when telling other adults or kids that i've never done drugs nor personally seen drugs. growing up in the 80's, i knew it was all around me, but somehow it never made it my way.

take your diabetes as a gift from God.  yes, you will struggle ALL the time and hate it from the bottom of your heart.  only He knows your future, and diabetes may be your "life savor" when drowning w/choices on drugs/alcohol.  use your diabetes to help you make the RIGHT decisions.  for right now, you'll feel like you have no control over your food or your body, but you actually do.  let your body do what it has to do with diabetes...YOU control the protection part.  Don't let anything else harm you, your brain, your liver, etc.  Protect it by continuing to say no to family, friends, etc..  You never know if your brother NEEDS you to say no because it helps his struggles.

You'll be fine.  It all starts with communication and honesty. :)    
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I am a 35 year veteran of Type 1 Diabetes on Insulin Pump therapy.I tend to use marijuana in situations of severe hyperglycemia.  When my blood sugars, for whatever odd reason jump up and out of control, my body feels like it just wants to give up, when I ingest marijuana, I receive a aleviated feeling that sooths the sickening feeling of high blood sugar.  On the other end of the spectrum, I find that during marijuana intoxication I feel like I am having a hypoglycemic reaction (low BG) and; I believe it is part of the euphoria of being high, but my blood sugars have no changes.  The biggest problem is the urge of hunger; lets face it fellow diabetics, after hours pizza delivery is terrible even for not insulin dependant folks.  
I would have to say my biggest scare with habitual marijuana smoking is....Smoking is terrible for you, you still ingest carbon monoxide from the smoke inhalation.  I am sure you have heard that 1 joint is equalivalent to 15 packs of cigarettes, I believe this due to the resins that marijuana smoke creates.
Alcohol is terrible for anyone, you basically are poisoning your body and that is what makes you drunk.  If drinking is something you want, I would recommend dry red wines and light beer (michelob Ultra actually labels it carbs per serving).  The way your body digests alcohol will make you BG bounce down, then immediately up depending on the sugar in the alcohol.
After all that I have stated, I do think that there should be age limitations on smoking and drinking.  Instead of falling into the peer pressure of friends, try and explain to your friends how you calculate your insulin to carb ratios and how your body reacts differently at 4 in the morning compared to 4 in the afternoon.  I find that this is a great conversation starter, and you will find your friends will actually peek an interest in your day-to-day routines.  One of my friends tries to guess my insulin intake before we eat a meal.  I love it....I hope my comments help, thanks for reading.
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I'm high right now and I had a half a bagel and jelly (sugary) and cream cheese and eggs and sausage and cheese and spinach and a granola bar and pickles like an hour or so ago and didn't take any insulin and I'm only 184.
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Boy there are a bunch of comments here!
I'm actually in the process of becoming a substance abuse counselor! With this knowledge I hope that you all can appreciate the view I have on drugs and marijuana. I think its ridiculous that marijuana is illegal in the first place, for a million different reasons. I used pot myself from age 13-22. I was diagnosed with type-1 at age 14. During my more "spry" years I really didn't notice a difference in my blood sugar levels when using. I DID notice, however, the massive food cravings, which would lead to me eating a bowl of lucky charms in my bed and passing out with BG around 300. Pot also helps you sleep harder through the heavy breathing, body aches, and pounding heart rate.
    The reason I stopped smoking was because I realized how stressed out I became after smoking in regards to my blood sugar. When I was high I couldn't distinguish my bodies "messages". I felt like my sugar was dropping every time I smoked, which was almost never the case. Later on I would feel tired and get a headache (sound familiar?). I decided that in order for me to really make the best of the body I was given, I would have to quit drugs (pot was the least harsh of the drugs I tried), start exercising regularly, and eating the freshest and most diverse foods to better my health.
   I feel absolutely great today, I don't have to worry about my health failing or getting in trouble with the law because of drugs. I'm working on my masters in Rehabilitation Counseling and have aspirations to achieve an MD in psychiatry.
   In the future, I would be more than happy to answer any drug-related question openly and honestly. Abstinence is a great alternative to using, but ultimately information is the key to a safe lifestyle, whatever that may be.
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My two cents:

I'm 28 and was diagnosed a type 1 diabetic at 18.  I didn't start drinking until i was 24 and didn't start smoking weed until a year ago.  Nowadays, I smoke somewhat regularly (once a weekish) but I almost never drink.  Like many people have said up above, alcohol has a severe impact on blood sugar, often for hours afterwards.  It generally makes my whole evening unpleasant as I have to carefully monitor my blood sugar and often wake up low in the middle of the night.

I've found weed to have all of the pleasant effects of alcohol without any of the complications.  It doesn't change my blood sugar in any meaningful way and I am able to keep my wits about me and make responsible choices in terms of snacking and the like.  I ALWAYS make sure I have my meter with me, though.  I'm usually pretty bad about checking my sugar...I have a good sense of where my blood sugar is and am always aware when it's going low or if it's extremely high, but weed does impair that feeling a great deal.  On a couple of occasions I've had my blood sugar get extremely low (in the 30's) or gone extremely high (because I mistake feeling a little stoned for my blood sugar dropping and eat something when I shouldn't).  In general, however, I can be a lot more lax than when I'm drinking and, as long as I'm in the company of people who are weed friendly have no interest in ever drinking again.

And yeah, the whole gateway drug thing is total garbage.  The only potential danger is that it is illegal and, in addition to the possible legal ramifications, has to be acquired illegally (occasionally from some pretty shady people).  Weed itself has definitely not turned me into a criminal and, if anything, has made me a more productive individual.  My wife (who is a teacher) gets home from work and enjoys a glass of wine to wind down.  A couple puffs at the end of a long work week has the same result for me.
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I was diagnosed with type 2 five years ago. at that time I stopped drinking smoking cigs and cannabis....everything. Once my levels were back to normal, I began smoking cannabis once again. And I did everything in moderation, taking careful notice of my levels etc. And I have even talked of this with my doctor when my blood works results would come in. THC doesn't affect you period, only the smoke you inhale which has chemicals from the burning, key words, from the burning, vaporize and you wont get the harmful chemicals.

Now I have began to have a drink every now and then, and I do notice changes in my levels when I drink. But even before I knew I had type 2 I did not drink much at all, so my drinking is even less then before now.

Cannabis is my only "social good time" choice. And people assume way to much, just because you smoke cannabis, doesn't mean that you will do other drugs and become a waste of space. I work, I pay my bills, I go to school full time and I'm an excellent daddy with normal A1c levels, better cholesterol levels then my doctor and I'm fat. Which since finding that I'm type 2, I have dropped over 50 pounds. So hopefully, I will soon be in the skinny ranks.

I think everything depends on the person and their self power to overcome issues. I smoke almost 3-4 times weekly and I have never had a problem. Like someone said before, its the person who gives in and forgets to stay on track their levels. If you have mental problems, lack of energy or just hate life in some way, you shouldn't do any drugs, legal or not.

So do what you want, just keep your head on straight, keep your mind right and you'll be fine. But for me, THC on the brain is better then any drug on the shelf. And you can never kill yourself and you will not get addicted, unless you have a weak mind as I said before.

Society has been taught that many things are really bad for you, when they truly were not. So with that I'll leave you all with this: THC on the brain for 15 years, and I have never stole, cheated, killed or robbed a bank. So you decide who's telling the truth, an actual user who is honest, or a corrupt FDA and federal government that will lie, steal and cheat its way to make themselves more powerful in any way they can.
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I'm 33 years old and have had type 1 for 9 years now. I use to drink pretty heavily & still have an occasional 20 beer/drink night. I've found that if I just stick to light beers my blood sugar levels stay level throughout the night. I am on Lantus, so this is probably why they stay level. You really just have to be concerned about taking too many shots. Hard alcohol will lower your blood sugar because your liver will start to  produce insulin. So, basically if you stay away from regular or dark beers & too many cocktails (always do diet of course, unless you want to take a shot) or shots you should be fine. I do agree with many posts here about the next morning lows. I believe this happens because your liver is still detoxing the alcohol & therefore producing insulin. Just be sure to eat a light breakfast & shoot up less insulin than you usually do, maybe 1 unit less.
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Complications begin to develop at numbers over 140, so the fact that you are "only 184" isn't necessarily something to be happy about.
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Hi Tyer, I'm a 17 year old egyptian.
I live in egypt and i think that hash, weed are all the same as they are both cannabis and they have the same effect on your body. I'm diabetic and have been diagnosed with the juvenile diabetes since i was 4.

I just wanted to answer your question. I think you are very responsible because you care about yourself and health as you are asking to make sure you're on the safe side, and i didn't do that when i was your age 2 years old, however marijuana does affect your body as we diabetics have very fragile cells and blood vessels, which are harmed badly by smoking anything, but if you want to try or smoke from time to time it's okay, but not everyday and that **** like i did, and i lost 12 kgs lately, and not happy with my shape at all. I think my might smoke with your friends from time to time, and maybe even drink alcohol from time to time, but WITH PEOPLE YOU TRUST, and this would be excellent. Rather, you can do all that, you must stay healthy, don't eat junk food alot, maybe once every two weeks, eat well, go to the gym, proteins, so you would stay in shape. All of these little times you smoke, the other days you should go out with the girls, go to parties have fun, so you're not smoking **** everyday. :)

Have fun Tyler, and tell me how high you were when you smoked the weed! :)

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Marijuana is being proven in the UK to lower blood sugar levels. We have a friend who's sugar levels were at seriously high levels to the point she would have had to go to the hospital. Her mom is a former RN and informed her of the effects of pot. As she is already a smoker she had some in hand. About half an hour after smoking a joint her blood sugar levels went to a moderate level and after an hour the levels were balanced again. Knowing this though she knows not to smoke before bed as it can lower it too much. As for munchies, the reason why this happens is because of lower blood sugar levels. This is why aids patients as well as cancer patients use it to increase appetite. Our body craves sugary junk food to make up for this imbalance.  Something to think about. Although I do not have diabetes and do not know too much about the subject I am a MM activist and came upon this post while looking into this. I just thought I'd Share my knowledge and maybe it will help somebody.
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Marijuana is being proven in the UK to lower blood sugar levels. We have a friend who's sugar levels were at seriously high levels to the point she would have had to go to the hospital. Her mom is a former RN and informed her of the effects of pot. As she is already a smoker she had some in hand. About half an hour after smoking a joint her blood sugar levels went to a moderate level and after an hour the levels were balanced again. Knowing this though she knows not to smoke before bed as it can lower it too much. As for munchies, the reason why this happens is because of lower blood sugar levels. This is why aids patients as well as cancer patients use it to increase appetite. Our body craves sugary junk food to make up for this imbalance.  Something to think about. Although I do not have diabetes and do not know too much about the subject I am a MM activist and came upon this post while looking into this. I just thought I'd Share my knowledge and maybe it will help somebody.
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Do not listen to all these people who are giving this false info that pot doesn't affect blood sugar levels. IT DOES. I have low blood sugar problems and the days I don't eat enough, If I smoke, I can go into a low blood sugar type shock. I will feels very shaky, my heart will beat very fast, I feels like im going to pass out. This is not the side effects of just smoking weed but IS the side affect of the weed causing blood sugar levels to drop dangerously. I have stopped smoking weed but when I did and would start going into a hypoglycemic shock/coma, I would HAVE to eat SUGAR to stabilize myself so I felt like I wasn't going to pass the EFF out. It's true. It does lower blood sugar. So if you have diabetes, Be EXTREMELY cautious and if you must do it for whatever reason, make sure you have some sugar around to raise that blood sugar back to normal if you feel rapid heart rate, dizzy, weak feeling. For me, I almost went into a hypoglycemic coma after smoking weed and had no idea what was happening. Luckily my bf did and brought me a candy bar which I thought for SURE would make my heart explode because it was beating soooo fast, but it really helped me feel normal again. Weed DOES lower blood sugar and CAN put someone with low blood sugar into a hypoglycemic coma. BE CAREFUL!
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I am 23 years old i have type one diabetes, i was diagnosed when i was 18. i do smoke marijuana on a daily basis, i have for the past 4 years, With me, it lowers my blood sugar and ***** with my high when it happens, sometimes I dont know if my sugar is low or if im just high, so i do recommend that if you are to smoke it, that you have some type of carb handy, and to check your blood sugar before and sometime after you smoke
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Hi, I have been a diabetic for several years! I had not smoked pot in years on a regular basis in years like since I was a teenager. I moved to a legal state and well i started smoking on and off for about 3 months now and I am insulin depended. Due to insurance issues I have to go without insulin til june 1st and I have noticed while smoking weed my levels are almost normal even with the munchies and believe me I eat that is why I hate medical mar. It is made so that ppl with cancer and certain illnesses to be able to eat. Hence why the munchies are so hard... BTW I am 34 and I am not sure what my opinion is on it, cause honestly it is on a case by case basis. My blood sugar goes higher on insulin and I dont understand that either...
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I am 28 years old had type 1 for 8 years, I was a big drinker and recreational drug taker from 15 till a few years ago, I have had some scary hypos and seizures, and a car crash and was diagnosed with a rare cardiomyopathy and had a pace maker / defib fitted. I have stopped taking drugs besides a bit of pot and drink alot less now, I like a glass of wine with dinner or a beer after work but I wont put myself in positions like parties or nightclubs because Its too tempting for me. I think diabetes has made me eat alot healthier I like cooking heathy food and think everyone should eat like a diabetic. My a1c is 7 which is quite normal for my age.

The tablets i take for my heart condition (beta blockers) can mask the affects of hypoglycemia, I used to rely on how i felt sometimes to judge my sugar levels untill I had a serious car crash, was a hot day, I was working labour intensive job and taking beta blockers, blood pressure tablets and insulin, I blacked out and drive my car 20 / 30kms hit a person, then a traffic light. I came to with that horrible sugar taste in my mouth and tingling in my lips which i get when my sugar levels rise from being low. I had no relolection of what happened! even today I try to remember but cant. Both the person I hit and I are ok, my wifes car not though. Be careful with some medications and always ask doctor pharmacist about the affects on diabetics.
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I am so sick, and tired of being sick, and tired. I have type 1 diabetes, and lemme just tell yinz (yes I am from Pittsburgh) this is a bunch of bullsh!t.
The only way I can get over all the side effects that comes with insulin dependent diabetes like stress, eating problems in the morning, upset stomach, FEELING LIKE DEATH!!! Is to smoke marijuana.. Now don't even begin to reply until you hear me out. I've had it for 7 or 8 years now, and all these people talking about you get the munchies, or you dont know how to take care of yourself is just plain stupid. If you don't know how to control yourself, it's not because you smoked marijuana, it's simply because you are plain stupid. I was in a car wreck 2 years, and 9 days ago. I came out fine, however my mother cannot walk. Talk about growing up fast. I now am the man of the house, changing her potty, everything else you can think of a moms job to do. Never had my dad around.. So anyway I do all this, I take my sugar about 5 to 8 times a day as well as take my insulin on time. Do you know how I get these things done without feeling sick? I bet you have a clue, yes Marijuana has helped me to the point where I am considering moving to get a Medical Card so it is not illegal.
When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty -Thomas Jefferson

So to everyone considering if marijuana will help I'm not saying it will, because it is different for everyone, but I am saying without it I feel sick..
It doesn't get me "high" it makes me relaxed, and at the same time prevents nausea, or helps if I already am nauseated. It makes my life better instead of just being a regular sick kid with diabetes, I am a regular kid living a regular life with a few sugar check ups here and there. To end this rant I am just going to say this.
We all hate diabetes, but that does not mean we cannot feel better.
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hey im 16 with type 1 diabetes i have had it since i was only 4 years old and wasnt able to really live a normal life being the only diabetic in my whole family i had no one to really talk to so as years passed on i got really depressed and didnt think I was goingto do anything good with my life becuase everything I wanted to pursue I wasnt able to do this mad me even more stressed and depressed I started to smoke weed when I was a freshmen in high school and ever since then it has helped me that no therapist or doctor or parent could it helped me forget about my hard life that im about to face in the future Itdoes not effect my diabetes because i bolus with my insulin pump before I start to smoke becuz i know that I am going to eat alot of food I keep my blood sugar in contol weed has helped me with this terrible disease it gave me hope again and made me excited to wait to see what I am going to do in life I hope this helped even though you already posted again saying ur not going to do it
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Alcohol is fermented from carbohydrates (both starches and sugars). Drinks differ in the amount of carbohydrates they contain.  ntm.  please do not drink.

  Gatorade is toixic. Look up, toxic yellow #5! Do not eat anything with a color or number!  Get the book by doctor Sears called NDD, "Nutrition Deficit Disorder". Amazing.

          ok I need some advice. I am a medical marijuana patient and something is going on with my blood sugar. I can only smoke one strain. Sour Diesel.. now I know this sounds strange , but if I am having a low blood sugar attack. .I will have severe blurred vision, faintness, very upset,  emotional, shaky, feeling drunk even. I can not even talk when this happens. I thought I was hooked or crazy. But then I ran out of that kind got really sick. I went in and took a glucose test. I failed it, then I went back a wk later for the 8 hour glucose test. I was so sick from not eating all morning and my appointment was at 7am.  I didnt smoke that morning and I was feeling sick like before.. but then my appointment was moved to 11am.  and at about 10:30 I was almost completely dibilitated.. so I took a hit right before I went in. I couldnt of walk inside if I hadnt. I felt 90% better upon exhale. vision,  everything. I walked in and passed it. I am very frustrated. I blew it, but feel no one will believe me..  For 7 years I have only smoked this strain.. I know that sounds crazy. But I feel no high effect from it, just extreme pain relief and then this effect as well.

                  So this evening, I am going to walk in to Mission hospital in Orange County and find out why. so scared..

                   btw I do not want a 15 yr old smoking pot. I think cannabis could interfere with whats going on. Diet is everything...

but I would like some feedback.

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So? At one time it was illegal for blacks to vote.
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So? At one time it was illegal for blacks to vote...
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Sorry, this was meant towards WindBreaker.
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well the last time I checked we have the right to life, liberty and the right to be happy. As long as they don't hurt you or damage something it's not any ones business what people do. Any law that violates my rights is void. People are too busy minding other peoples business, that's the problem.
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You should ALWAYS have something on hand for a low if you are type 1 diabetic!  You should not be depending on someone to bring you a candy bar!
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Well im diabetic and i been diabetic for 1yr my  diabetes has never been so controled since i started smoking pot of course i take my insulin and pill for kidneys since day 1 but before i used to smoke it was all over the place now its well managed i think theres nothing wrong with smoking pot if it helps control it
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I'm a student and have been to many parties and I have had my fair share of scary hypos and waking up the next day feeling lucky to be alive. You really need to look after your self. I have been in DKA twice after a night in the town! You are doing the right thing looking at healthier alternatives to Alcohol and MJ is a good social drug I have been using for 4 years and I think as long as you smoke MJ only on a night in with friends its much safer than alcohol but you still need to closely monitor you sugars and make sure you have enough carbs and sugars to keep you going incase you take a hypo. I would recommend taking 40% off your bolus if you eat anything as MJ can increase you insulin sensitivity making you more prone to hypos. I have been stupid enough to get very very drunk and smoke a joint a few times. Just last weekend I had 7 cans of beer and 2 strong vodkas then a joint I was very lucky to have a CGM to see that I was coming down fast from 13mmol. I had a bottle of lucozade... nothing happened then.. 3 packs of dextrose, 1L of milk, 1L of orange juice and a ton of chocolate trying to keep my self alive. It just kept coming down! It took 4 hours and a ridiculous amount of sugar to finally get my bloods up. I have know idea how this happened however I had a mix of alcohol and weed. If I didn't catch it when it was coming down from 13mmol and having such an amazing girlfriend feeding me sugar it could of been a different story. I was lucky and don't want this to happened to anyone else so please don't mix drugs with alcohol as you don't know what effect it can have on your sugars.
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