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holistic medicine, can it cure me?

Hi. I had some stomach problems and back pain since the end of March. The pain was only on my right side, i kept limping while walking, i had diarrhea (still do), fatigue but I'm starting to have normal sleep patterns again. Only think i still have is stomach pain still and diarrhea. I went to the gastroenterologist and he ordered an upper abdominal ultrasound to check the gallstones and upper stomach However, it came back normal. My mom and dad are both happy for me and so am i but i still feel pain a bit. Not as bad as it was but its still there. Anyways, my mom wants to take me to a holistic doctor. I been to this doctor before.

I do believe this medicine can work. When i went a few years ago, i told her i was allergic to peanuts (my family never believed me) and she did some type of test and it said i was allergic to peanuts and my mom felt bad she never believed me. Can this doctor really cure a stomach problem?
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Stomach problems only have one cure usually if there's no medical condition such as an infection, and that's your diet and lifestyle.  That being said, natural remedies tend to be better for relieving digestive problems than is medication, which generally just suppresses stomach acid which the stomach must then make more of in a rebound effect to digest minerals and protein.  Products such as aloe vera juice, DGL, peppermint oil enteric coated capsules, slippery elm capsules, and the like generally work well, but only dietary and lifestyle changes that go to the cause can cure this -- and again, we're assuming the gastroenterologist was correct in not find anything wrong.
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Theere is a product that can get rid of the hylobactor bacteria, sorry spelling is bad today. It's called Mastic Gum and comes in capsules in health food stores. A Naturopathic Doctor can help you in many ways. I have one who is good, but he is gone 4-5 months a year to Asia. My brother is an N.D. In WA state and has had great results with his patients, so I would recommend finding a good N.D. one who does both homeopathics and herbs.  There are those who use an NES machine which has proven quite effective. My kidney disease went from stage 4 backwards to stage 2 which is impossible in Western Medicine. I do both Western and natural medicines and remedies.  It's worth a try.
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