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low iron, b12, & folic acid HELP!

Over six weeks ago I went to the doctor because I was having a lot of hair thinning and joint pain.  The only thing that came up from my blood tests was that I was low in all b vitamins (especially b12 & folic acid) as well as iron. (I only know my saturation levels)  

For the last six weeks I have taken  two natural iron + b vitamin supplements. One is the liquid iron + b Floravital.  I also took MegaFood Blood Builder which has Iron + b12 + folic acid.  My doctor didn't test me for b vitamins unfortunately during this six week blood test... but he did just check my iron.  My Iron 6 weeks ago was 29% saturation, and now it is 18%! This seems absolutely crazy to me.  For the first time in my life I started an iron supplement, (in fact TWO), I have been eating liver at least once a week, having bone broth every day, fermented foods, meat at least twice/day, and upping my amounts of kale, chard, beet greens, broccoli, brussel sprouts etc. I was also taking vitamin c 1-2 times per day with my iron supplement. (I space my iron dosage over 3 times per day)  How on EARTH could my iron go down 11% after starting this iron rich protocol??

I do know that when I got the blood test six weeks ago, I was 15 days into my cycle. Around ovulation time.  (I have heavy, painful periods). When I got my most recent blood test, I had just finished my period two days ago. Could this have affected the reading?

I really could use some advice. I don't know why my body isn't holding on to b vitamins (especially b12 and folic acid) as well as iron.  I got a blood test for celiacs disease and also had an endoscopy. Both came up with nothing.  However I am gluten free, so perhaps it wouldn't pick up on it. I also was tested negative for lupus & rheumatoid arthritis. Could this possibly be lyme disease? Even though my west blot came up negative.

My doctor said my insurance said they won't cover any more tests or visits for at least 6 months because the think I am "abusing the system"

Feeling frustrated and alone in this. :(
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Awe I'm sorry dear. I don't know much but maybe your body has trouble absorbing it or it has trouble breaking it down? Maybe ask your doctor about that. And I believe your period could have caused it to be low. Sorry I wasn't more help. Hope you get it figured out.
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I would think if you were that low in B12 and iron you would be very tired -- you'd be anemic.  Are you?  You're taking two very good supplements, and you're certainly eating the right foods (although I think the iron is in the beet roots more than the tops -- they're best eaten together).  
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hi Lauren! I think it is best to see other doctor about this for 2nd opinion.
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I have the opposite (high iron).
However for you, I think you may need something bio-available.  I'm not a doctor, but you may not be absorbing the nutrients you need to help you out.  I myself do juicing and take "bio-available" supplements.
Juicing helps your cells,etc. get the nutrients right away.
I hope that helps you out.
Also, I take nutritional yeast (red star) brand that has b-12 in it.  It raised my b12 stores.
Also, I get b-6 / b-12 shots from my local health food store. Some naturopaths will do this in certain areas to get more clients.
I wish you the best.♥
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An possible explanation for the bizarre results of your last test is that (1) the lab gave you someone else's test or (2) the lab gave you someone else's test the first time around.

I once had a roommate who was chief bacteriologist of a very famous hospital. She said that that sort of mistake was made all the time (in labs generally) and she was having a hard time putting a stop to the errors.
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