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medical marijuana n depression

ok i know marijuana is a downer type of drug,but instead of takin antipsychotics n antidepressants will smoking help with someone with bipolar disorder....or is there a specific kinda bipolar that could tolerate it better than other diff stages of bipolar? i know its a stupid question n noone should do drugs but im a curious human being ya kno.
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I feel anytime you start "self-medicating" you start out on a very slippery slope and it's only spirals down from there.  You'll reach a point where you will need to increase whatever you're self-medicating with, and eventually have more problems than you started out with.  I think you're better off to stick with the experts and do what they feel is best for you.  Take care!
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Marijuana is a depressant, and has a tendancey exacberate any symptoms you have.  My personal opinion, it will make things worse as seen in my own family with my daughter.
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well it was just a question. i'm neither of those but i know and have acquaintances that r bipolar n uses.....n ur right self medicating is a bad way to cure urself. were not doctors for a reason. i dont understand wat makes someone get addicted to anything tho....its mind boggling....
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I tried to self-medicate with alcohol. Then I started considering pain killers. At that point I realized that I was going down that slope and decided to talk to my doctor.

I tried marijuana in my teens, and it only made me anxious/borderline paranoid, so I haven't touched it since.
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A study has revealed that cannabis taken in small dose does not cause depression but in higher dose will tend to cause depression and/or aggravating depression. From my own personal point of view the study was not significant because of the lack of samples (people) and experiences based on mice. In another study cannabis could produce schizophrenia or be the onset of schizophrenia in individuals prone to schizophrenia.

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I used to be an every day weed smoker and quit back in Jan.  I can tell you for me, it made me feel a hundred times worse in all respects.  Horrible increase in anxiety - especially while high, then extremely depressed the next day and several days after.  IMO - it's not a good idea if one suffers with any kind of emotional problem.  

After not smoking for 6mos, I've felt the need to test myself twice in the last few weeks and the depression it brings on is horrendous!  

"I dont understand wat makes someone get addicted to anything tho....its mind boggling..."

People get addicted to substances because they feel so awful either emotionally or physically or both and they will do anything to feel better.  No one *means* to get addicted.  Clearly, you feel pretty well emotionally - you are very lucky and I mean that sincerely.  
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