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new member quikey the slow Turtle

Most of my meditation talk about seating, because of certain problems I find it easier on my back, it works just as well.  I tried in chair could not get comfortable your advice pleas

new member health by meditation I am a great believer. I open my chakras with crystals ever day and thank the angels for a good night or if I am awake talk to them an the spirits

can you meditate just as well lieing down
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Whatever works for you.  The reason meditation is recommended to be done seated in a chair (taoists) or kneeling (Japanese Zen) or lotus (Hindus, many buddhists) is for different reasons.  First, meditation as we know it comes from ancient times when people didn't usually have chairs, and they sat either kneeling or cross legged.  The lotus is a yoga position.  Some Taoists believe this position causes arthritis in the long term, so they prefer a nice straight backed chair.  But the other thing is not to be too comfortable, as in lying down, because you might fall asleep.  Remember, ancient meditators did it for a long time, and they wanted to stay awake.  Hard to do, so no lying down.  In our busy modern lives not lived in monasteries, you can probably do a shorter meditation lying down, but the consciousness will be a bit different, a bit more relaxed, and meditation traditionally requires a not so relaxed mind because it's purpose isn't for relaxation but for transcendence.  As for chakras, the lotus position is designed specifically to open the chakras, or at least cross-legged if you can't get in the lotus.  Now, this is all spiritual theory, so again, make up your own practice -- whatever works.  The rosary is a Catholic meditation, and that's usually done standing.  There are walking meditations.  Sufis meditate by twirling.  Orthodox Jews meditate by what's called dovining, or bending over repeatedly in prayer.  Whatever works.  Just don't fall asleep.
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Thank you for you answer

I do sometimes fall asleep but I can subconsciously hear whats going on.  It helps me dream more and heal my brain and become a better person.  If i can remember my dreams I write them down.  Before I start meditation I talk to the angels about the day and request.  especially if can put me on the right spiritual path.  I hold my crystal moonstone which is my birth stone which I believe connects me with the sea and the sky.  I had better stop because I have gone of the point.  I lie down to meditate because I can feel my whole body and feel my breath going in and coming out and concentrate  on my chakras while meditating
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I started a group for meditation because I keep meeting more and more people who are interested in it, or have great experience and knowledge about it, so we can have a place where the focus is on Meditative practices and experiences.

I would really love for both of of you to join if you can.  and share your experiences, and information.

To Quirkey:
   I have meditated in all kinds of weird positions before, and for me, this works as well as trying to meditate in the lotus position.  I do think having a meditation cushion is PRICELESS if you are going to attempt seated meditation for any length of time.

There is a sticky post on the meditation forum that I think I includes some information on meditation positions.

There are also movement meditations, like Tai Chi and some types of yoga.  These techniques are good if one physically can't sit "still" or in an orthodox position.

: D

p.s. I LOVE rainbow moonstone too! :)
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