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Acupuncture and other alternative therapy for bad pulled muscle, back spasms?

I have badly pulled muscles and am looking into alternative therapies. I start my actual physical therapy sessions next week and was told I should also have injections into my stomach, hip, back.

I have a pulled muscle from my right groin/lower abdomen that extends around my hip to my lower back. I have a second one that starts upper abdomen under my right rib, goes around and to mid back. Was told mid back was also muscle spasm.

My doctor briefly mentioned acupuncture if my pulled muscle doesn't get better with physical therapy. I've had the lower pulled muscle for 6 months and is getting worse. I didn't start physical therapy because I was bounced around to 12 different doctor appointments and two ER visits - was misdiagnosed several times and finally I've found out what the cause is and am seeking physical therapy.

Does acupuncture help with these types of pulled muscles? What other alternative therapies could help?

I haven't been able to work for months. The only time I don't have pain is if I stay still in bed. I need to start working soon or will not have a place to live. I do have health insurance (luckily!) so I'm willing to try anything to get better.

I've been taking Tramadol 100mg but it isn't doing anything for the pain.
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I have been suffering same problem from more yhan seven months. I have gone through tests  but shows as it normal.  I'm freaking only 21 and about to graduate soon. I don't wanna miss out many opportunities at my door.
Apart from it... without musvle rexalant my condition reverts back to severe and intolerable pain.I really don't know what to do. IT shows same symptom like yours.
Frankly speaking... I don't wanna relied on doctors as they are completely useless. .. all they asked us to bounce from one doctor/ tests to another.
I know this text is signed off for past two years. And I'm hoping u would be there around now and give me some suggestions and how had your conditions
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Hi, a couple of things I wanna share with you..
One is transdermal Magnesium. I have posted info about it in this website, please see my posts. Transdermal Mg will eventually lead to cure of aches and pains.
Time is what you need after pulling a muscle. I have experienced what you are describing after a move, and the ER MD told me I bruised some abdominal organ from carrying boxes.
Treatment was rest and pain meds.
I have found a Natural cure unknown to me till recently..
Wild Oil of Oregano. Apparently, it has similar characteristics as Morphine in relieving pain. I got mine from Ebay. Most on line stores carry it. Make sure its Essence Oil of Oregano (not for cooking) with at least 70% carvachol. Mix it with some Lemon oil for better scent it smells like Pizza otherwise.Its strong and could burn so it needs some dilution with other carrier oils like Olive, flax or coconut oil,etc. I have used it as rubbing oil for neck pain, back pain.leg pain..what a relief. . I have posted more uses for Oregano for fighting infection, colds, cough and flu and other very strong viruses and bacteria. It should be in everyones med cabinet for emergency cures. I wish you well.
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I had physical therapy and injections that worked on my ankles (one broken, one sprained) and it worked well. I don't know what's going on with my pulled muscles. I was bounced around to many doctors for months and misdiagnosed from urinary infection to ovarian cyst to endometriosis to pulled muscle to slipped disc to muscle spasm to gastritis and finally yesterday... pulled muscles. The doctors had me taking medication I didn't even need. I've had ultrasounds of everything, CT, MRI, all blood work three times. (did find out i have fatty liver disease and hemangioma in the process but unrelated to pain)

I lift heavy things in my art studio so it is possible that I pulled my lower abdomen/hip/back when i was moving things 6 months ago. I remember it hurting the weekend I had to lift heavy boxes and artwork for a studio event. So that makes sense. The right rib/side/mid back pain started a few weeks ago and I don't remember anything triggering it. I was in bed because of the other pain. I didn't lift anything...

My physical medicine doctor said that usually a pulled muscle will heal on its own over time and wouldn't still hurt after 6 months. The pain has been getting worse. I thought it was a hernia but nothing showed up in the CT or ultrasound in the abdomen.

The pain is bad in the lower abdomen/hip/back but is extremely painful in the right rib/back that by the end of the day I have trouble walking. I can't lay on my back or sit up. Pain pills don't even work.

I was told to do injections because its going to be hard to do physical therapy on my stomach if I can't lay on my back. And I can't lay on my stomach to have physical therapy on my back...

I'm wiling to try whatever will help at this point.

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Chi has nothing to do with spirituality.  Problem was that when acupuncture was first discovered they didn't have the tools to see what was happening in the body, but they knew about blockages in energy and expressed in the terms they understood.  What we know about acupuncture in the western world is that it appears to work in double blind experiments about as often as anything else, which is a certain percentage of the time.  If you research medicine you'll see that very few medicinal procedures have a high rate of success; it's just better than what they had before.  Massage and cortisone work on the same principle, reducing inflammation or scar tissue or nerve blockages that prevent the flow of nutrients and energy -- everything works on energy, things need to get from here to there even in the body -- so that the body's natural system of healing can proceed.  This doesn't mean it will work for you; it just means it works for some, just as cortisone only works for some and often exacerbates the condition in the process.  You'll only know if it works by trying it.  The confusion is, if it's a pulled muscle, why isn't it relaxing back to its normal state?  I'm no orthopedist, I don't know how this would happen, but since you don't state it's torn or damaged but just a pull, usually that relaxes back.  As to placebo, placebo is the best medicine -- you feel better and get no side effects.  If only it worked for everyone!
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I don't believe in "Chi", life force, new age stuff, spirituality, "the soul", etc. I'm skeptical of acupuncture because the first thing I read about is the "Chi" and life force/energy which i think is BS. Is acupuncture pretty much the same as taking a placebo?

I'm open to trying alternative therapies but don't want to waste my time on anything related to spirituality and the placebo effect...
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