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Holistic Medicine

I am very interested in Holistic medicine, do you have any forums for it?
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Yes, it is a very wide subject. we can have more forum members, giving their experiences with different modalities of treatment for varied diseases. Looking forward to read more posts in this wonderful forum.
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This is a holistic medicine forum.  So is the complementary medicine forum.
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After posting the above, I read the list of therapies on the top of this page. It covers most of the important therapies. So this forum is in fact holistic forum. I am sure, if it is maned well, it can attract many members.
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Alternative medicine community can cover the subject of holistic medice or alternative medicene. This can include yoga,acupressure and other modalities of therapy.
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Hey nativnissa.
Welcome to the forum.

I would LOVE to find a Holistic Medicine forum.
Maybe we can start a Holistic Medicine Group here!
As long as there are enough people interested, then why not.
August is Vacation month for me and that also means NO COMPUTER-NO INTERNET!
When I return in Sept. I may consider something like this.
Blessings to all!
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