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Hi Could you tell me what is the diet which cured polyps completely.
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Increase the amount of fish in your diet, particularly if you’re female: a new study shows that eating three servings of fish per week appears to cut the risk of developing colon polyps that could lead to cancer. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and Vanderbilt University in Tennessee surveyed more than 5,300 individuals about their eating habits. All of those surveyed also had colonoscopies. Of the women who had polyps discovered during the procedure, 23 percent were among those who habitually ate the least fish and only 15 percent were among the women who ate the most fish. Overall, after accounting for age, smoking and aspirin use, women who ate three servings of fish a week were 33 percent less likely to have a polyp discovered than the women who ate less than a single serving of fish a week. These findings didn’t appear to hold true among the men in the study, for unknown reasons. The researchers were looking for evidence that omega-3 fatty acids in fish have an anti-inflammatory effect that could help prevent development of colon polyps. The study was published online by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on Jan. 25, 2010.
This won't cure!
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