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I'm 67 yr old female, had aches and pains in hips and legs , shoulders extremely tired , doctor said fibromyaliga took Lyrica had serious reaction
to drug, throat close , doctor prescribe Sevella was still fearful so I did not take this drug. I went to a Muscul/Skeletal center, there I was diagnosed
with reheumatoid arthritis, He also did other test and said I tested positive for Lupus , but because of the lack of other systems he didn't think I had that , also mild back flow of left heart valve. Treatment was a shot of cortisone in each hip and priscribed Meloxicam 1 day for 6 weeks this all helped a great deal.
So I started packing for my road trip to NJ, the day before I awoke not feeling myself couldn't put a finger on it, waited a couple of more days
Depression thats what it is, called doctor asked him if Meloxicam could cause this , he said he didn't think so, he priscribed Sertraline, had servere
side effects, extreme heart burn , sore throat, tongue and mouth blisters
lost 8 lbs in 5 days, not complaining about that part.   Dr. prescribed Lexapro, rapid pound heart, weak and tingling in arms and legs.
Stoped this drug. Asked Dr. about something natural he said St. John Wort. After all this I'm still depressed  so I did some research on St. John Wort
side effects do not seem to be so extreme as the chemical drugs
I've been taking now for 5 days a little upset stomach but other than that
I seem to be able to tolarate it and am still depressed but last 2 night I woke up from sleep with rapid heart beat could this be from St. John Wort or the Depression.  I feel like it is hopeless
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Iam depressed too
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My. my it seems as though you cannot take medication, period, to have so many reactions to everything the doc prescribes.  When I first read your thread, I thought Lyrica is the answer.  Sure enough, that's the first thing the doc prescribed.  It's really too bad you can't tolerate it.  I have Fibromyalgia, or let's just say I've had all of the symptoms. I asked for Lyrica (I'm a nurse) and lo, and behold, I'm a new person.  I just could not go on with the terrible pains in my shoulders and arms and more pain if I raised my arms.  I sincerely hope you will find the answers to your problems.  But, it looks like you really need to research herbs more thoroughly.  Good luck.
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